Headphone Holder





Introduction: Headphone Holder

place to put your headphones off the desk - reduce clutter

1 50-pack CD spindle (empty)
2' duct tape or 1' double-sided tape

Step 1: Acquire CD Spindle

it needs to be a 50-pack
take off the clear plastic and throw it away

Step 2: Tape It Up

flip the spindle so the rod is pointing away from you
if you are using duct tape, make little circles with the sticky side out
attach the tape-circles to the spindle
cover as much area as you can = more stickiness

Step 3: More Tape!

add one or two pieces to the top edge of the spindle with about half sticking over the edge - make sure you have it on there good

Step 4: Attach to Desk

your homemade headphone holder is ready to go! jsut attach it to your desk somewhere easy to reach but out of your way...i put mine to my right since im right handed

Step 5: Ok Done




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    I'm sorry but that first image looks a lot like something that is really wrong… ;)

    I don't consider it "ingenious", of any sort, considering the same exact concept has been around since man started hanging stuff up. However, you could have made it more professional and still inexpensive, ala a wooden block -> dowel sort of idea. I don't think I'd want my sennheisers falling off!

    1 reply

    So your whole brilliant invention consists of taping something to the wall to hang headphones off of? I can't wait until computers come with an IQ test before you can get online....

    3 replies

    living in chicago = no space at all
    My LARGE monitoring headphones take up about 1/4 of my entire available desk space, and I have an iMac (small footprint)...so I find this idea terrific!

    For those of us that have to move UP the walls just to exist, ideas like this are FAB! Thanks Sh0rtbus56 for sharing! :)

    Make this your last nonconstructive comment.

    Excellent idea! The best ideas give the most effective result with the simplest method. I've got three now, one for the computer, one for the hi-fi and one for the headphones on my silent brass trombone mute. Thanks.

    did u actually do this? or is it just an idea?

    1 reply

    yes i actually have it on my desk right now :) working fine for 2 months now


    11 years ago

    This is a good idea. I myself use those little sticky hooks you can hang just about anywhere. I have one on the side of my desks hutch where I hang my headphones.

    Brilliant!! I save all my cd spindles. I usually reuse them for burnt cd's. The short stacks make great cd "wallets". I was actually planning on posting an Instructable for numerous uses of these spindles. They would also make great project boxes. What about coiling up some cables and throwing the lid on it as well? I'm sure it could take the weight, and it would keep them up and out of the way too:) These Instructables are some of the best.....they offer a new perspective on everyday items and relative junk.

    Poo, my desk doesn't have sides... It's held together with steel poles and friction :P I'll have to try magnets :P

    hmm, I dont think this is the best instructable, but if you had pictures I would understand it allitle better.

    I have to say, that is very inventive. Nice work.

    A ha. Great idea! I have some head phones for gaming and night time but I don't like where they are, actually, never mind. Anyways...