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A collection of some of my favorite recipes to help get you on track nutritionally for the New Year!

Before I came to work here at Instructables, I was CHES certified and pursuing a career in Public Health Education, and you can see that reflected in many of my recipes. :)

Eating a variety of foods in many colors, lowering your meat consumption, and swapping out frying for baking are all great ways to make a positive change in your life. :D

Remember: long term success comes from making lasting changes to the way you eat, not making extreme short term diet changes. Starting with some of these recipes is sure to get you started on the right foot.

A delicious alternative to jalapeno poppers!
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Minestrone soup is a great way to eat your vegetables, low in fat, and super easy to make at home!
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Lean cuts like pork tenderloin are a great alternative to fattier meats - this one gets roasted in the oven and seasoned with mustard and spices.
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Cut back on the bacon if watching your cholesterol or sodium - but brussels sprout salad is an awesome way to get some vitamin C, fiber and healthy oils into your system.
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Make your own chicken stock to lower the amount of sodium you take in. :)
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Includes pomegranates, butternut squash and arugula - a good way to get your fruits and veggies!
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Use pork or chicken to keep it lower in fat. Has coconut milk, turmeric and ginger - all good for you!
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You can make awesome potato wedges in your oven instead of frying them. :D
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Butternut squash is high in potassium and B6, and yummy to boot
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Carrot muffins are a great on the go breakfast!
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Pork chops in an orange glaze - easy to portion out and so flavorful you won't feel like you're missing out. :)
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The bitter arugula matches perfectly with a variety of fruits and vegetables, so you can cram a ton in! Dress with olive oil and lemon juice to lower sodium and fat.
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Learn to make your own bread so you can control exactly what you're eating. :)
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This hearty marinara sauce is meat free, low in fat, and absolutely chock full of fruits and veggies.
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Chow mein is a great way to eat tons of veggies.
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A great dinner for Meatless Monday!
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Pico de gallo is easy to make and perks up plain meat dishes!
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These roasted chicken thighs have a ton of flavor and are cooked in such a way that most the fat renders off them. :)
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A less guilty treat - lower in sugar than most cakes, and contains lots of lemon and olive oil.
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Add garbanzos to get a complete protein - you could make it a whole meal that way. :D
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Glazed tofu and tons of pickled veggies!
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A bland dinner can be easily saved with the help of these pickled veggies
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You'll want to eat ALL THE ASPARAGUS if you make it this way
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Corn salsa is so cheerful! Can even be made with frozen corn.
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White bean soup is high in fiber and low in fat!
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Use blackened seasoning to make those chicken breasts into something amazing.
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Chana masala is my favorite Indian dish, and pairing the chickpeas with a grain means you get a complete protein and can skip the meat entirely!
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Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and vitamin A, and this is a filling and warming way to eat them. :)
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Hummus is easy to make at home, and double as a delicious snack and a great substitute for condiments on sandwiches.
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Make your own taco seasoning at home to avoid preservatives and high levels of salt.
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This cauliflower and potato curry is low in fat and contains tons of good-for-you ingredients.
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Lower in sugar and fat but just as delicious!
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A delicious and meat-less sandwich option.
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A surprisingly good way to eat a ton of plants.
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An alternative hummus option - great with pita bread!
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Baked falafel is easy to do and can be paired with lettuce, onion and tomato for even more fiber and vitamins!
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A spicy and sweet option for a meat-less dinner.
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Guacamole - saver of bland tacos and a delicious snack. Put down the cheese dip.
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Try bean burgers instead of your normal fatty ground beef ones. Can be spiced in a ton of different ways!
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These vegan muffins are super high in fiber and low in fat.
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Spicy and super filling.
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Learn to make your own chicken soup!
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Tortilla soup is a great alternative to heavier, cheese laden soups.
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Can be a snack or a meal, really. :D
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