Introduction: Heart Bookmark

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i made this beautiful hand made heart bookmark =D
for valentines day :)

Step 1:

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things we need:

a craft knife (optional)

a scissor

a pencil

card stock in two colors.( one is also ok )

diamante (optional)


nail polish ( optional)

heart shape stencil. :)

Step 2:

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draw heart shape on the card stock. (you can also use stamp)


Step 3: 3

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hearts are cut out

Step 4: 4

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we need pairs.

Step 5: 5

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glue hearts together ( half way only )

Step 6: 6

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let dry.. now time to use diamante

Step 7: 7

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i am using nail polish to paste the gems :)

Step 8: 8-11

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see pictures

Step 9: 12-16

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voila. it's ready


rwong15 (author)2013-12-21

I have a bookmark similar to your bookmark. I would like you to make an instruction about it. You don't even need to mention me but just let me use your instruction in the future, please!

sabu.dawdy (author)rwong152013-12-24

ok :) i guess that i can do :)

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-02-13

Very cute! When you glue half the heart, is it the top, bottom or side that you glue?

glue the tail... the 'v' part

bongo girl! (author)2012-01-22

wow i live those! the only thing is is that a couple necessary items aren't in the materials list- could you maybe correct that? other than that, great instructable!

sabu.dawdy (author)bongo girl!2012-01-22

what ever material i used.. it is in the list.. however i will recheck it :)

thank you for ur comment and liking my instructable :)

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