Introduction: Heated Rice Scarf

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youll need

4-6 cups of rice

1-2 yards of fabric

sewing machine


Step 1:

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cut a piece of fabric 3 ft long and 1 foot wide

fold it in half the long way pin long side and sew

Step 2: :

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once youve sewn the long side,flip it inside out, then its time to sew the bottom

Step 3:

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once you have sewn the bottom, insert the first 1 cup of rice, then from the bottom up, every 7 inches you add 1cup rice, then sew it shut picture above

Step 4:

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keep going till your whole scarf looks like this

then just put it in the microwave for 3-5 minutes an voila!! a warm scarf


horseygal2014 (author)2014-01-13

i hear there are beads at crafts stores that do the same thing??

horseygal2014 (author)2014-01-12

Brilliant idea. Thanks for the post.

Echinda21 (author)2014-01-12

I like the idea but i cant use rice (it cools off to fast for me) it wont work with my TMJ

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