Picture of helicopter toy
this little helicopter toy has origins in many cultures and was perhaps first a japanese toy inspired by falling leaves. with the right work, this can easily fly 30-50 feet in the air.
agentn3 months ago

how do you make it

dombeef5 years ago
 This looks really cool but i think you should make it into a slide show or people will think it supposed to have instructions.
But Great Helicopter!
wtf how do you make it!!!?? 4 it 2 b an instructable it requires instructions
jtobako8 years ago
there's two (or more...) ways to do this. one is to use a tounge depresser (the thick popsicle stick type)-get it wet and hot (boiling water or 10-20 secs in the nuker) then twist and hold untill cool. the other is to cut the blades out of a rectangular piece of wood. (the angle of the blade should be around 15 degrees). ether way, drill the center (measure it, be sure or it will wobble and not fly as well) and glue in a dowel/stick. watch which way you wind the string or spin it between your hands-depending on which way the twist is you will go up or down.
Yes just go back and add it
this is what should have been published in the instructable, not in the comments.
Coffee bean9 years ago
this isn't a how to.
jacksteal47 years ago
cool I like the idea of the little holder tube
rccote7 years ago
Are you guys really asking how to make a stick with a propeller on top of it? The pictures are self explanitory.
nimrod177 years ago
Leprechaun7 years ago
I was playing with one of those and by some freak occurence it came flying at me and hit me in the eye! I had to go to a doctor because my eye wasn't dialating properly!
the site is called instructables, so instruct me not give me queerafied religiony crap.
Karim8 years ago
Yeah... so dude are you gonna tell us a little bit more about how to make it!!!
Crash21089 years ago
Drill hole in handle. Drill hole in part of PVC pipe(easier to find than whatever the hell that is). Wind string. Pull. Watch it as it flies right into your face. Try again.