this is how I made my hell boy gun Im only 13 so dont swear at me but feel  free to suggest new builds for me I'l make em
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Step 1: The body

Picture of the body
first I made the pattern below. then I lengthened the barrel of the pattern.  then I drew the shape on to a piece of heavy foam or 3 pieces of foam board

Step 2: The revoling part

Picture of the revoling part
for this I took a piece of toilet paper roll(the card board part) and traced it on to a piece of foam board.Cut that out and driled big holes in it so that I could put fake bulets in it. then I did that again and glued those in to the toilet paper roll. then glued the hole thing in to that big gaping hole near the trigger. NOTE the cylinder in the intro pic is a more complicated cylinder

Step 3:

Picture of
this is exactly like the cylinder but I used skinnier and longer card board pipe

Step 4: Finishing touches

Picture of finishing touches
for this step I smoothed the  gun by puting paper mache on it. Then I spray painted it with 1 coat silver and 4 coats of black. then glued on a 2 pieces of lether to the handel and 1 hell boy symbel.  Now lets go kill some monsters!

    I gave this to my best friend for his birth day and he thought it was the coolist thing ever
mg0930mg4 years ago
It's a shame you don't have more pictures. Could you take more pictures of everything close up?
bendog384 years ago
Need a laser revolver for a sci fi movie. Any ideas?
caleb's tutorials (author)  bendog383 years ago
what do you want it to look like. send me a pic.
caleb's tutorials (author) 4 years ago
I dont own the one on the front page