Picture of hello kitty stem stitch napkin
hello guy i hope you all are doing well.

this is an ~ible i made on hello kitty handmake embroidered napkin. i hope you will like it. 

i was unable to take good pictures on how to do stem stitch so i have included the youtube link of stem stitching.
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Step 1: Things we need

Picture of things we need
  1. cloth (silk , cotton ) 6" by 6" ( i used cotton)
  2. scissor 
  3.  hello kitty templete from net.
  4. embroidery floss (black , pink ) or (black , red)
  5. this thing.. :P

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of step 1
using carbon paper trace the template.
start embroidery.

i started using black

Step 3: Step 1 continued . black ended

Picture of step 1 continued . black ended
use of black colour ended. only eyes and nose is left.

Step 4: Step 2 pink

Picture of step 2 pink
now we will use pink colour.

and completed.

sew the ends and your napkin is ready.
sabu.dawdy (author)  marcellahella2 years ago
thank you