Introduction: Helping Slouchy Boots With Old Water Bottles

can't figure out how to keep your nice boots from slouching and falling over in your closet? use large empty water bottles to keep boots standing tall - they will keep your boots nice and new looking!

Step 1: Your Sad Looking Slouchy Boots

Step 2: Bottles in the Boots

insert a large empty water bottle in each boot. you could even add a little water in the bottles (but make sure the caps are on) to give them some weight - and help them to stand up.

Step 3: TADA!!! Happy Boots!

now your boots are happy!!!


hrtbr8 made it! (author)2007-07-07

WOW! (hit forehead) coulda had a v-8! So simple. I've been rolling up newspaper, but really isn't that great. Thanks

weirdload58 made it! (author)weirdload582014-11-12

How about my way?

So simple- no pictures needed!

Pool noodles! About a buck and easily cut to size.

kearney made it! (author)2006-04-21

you know, you can also make a rack that holds them upside down so that the cuffs??? hang down and you just slide them off instead of pulling out a bottle

RiddleOfSphinx made it! (author)RiddleOfSphinx2007-10-28

Oh, you mean a rack that would take up a little more space in the closet than the boots do? Hmmm I dunno man, seems like this idea would save more space ;).

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