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Introduction: Hemostat Jewlery

About: My full time job as an Organ Grinder keeps me pretty busy but that's just small change. My part time work, as a Mohel, keeps me up to date on my student loans from UCLSD.

From surgery, soldering, & even the head shop there are endless uses for hemostats.  On my endless search for the perfect hoop ear ring, I've come up with yet one more use. 

Step 1: Cut It

Using a cut wheel on a grinder, I loped off the section I wanted.  I leaving the hemostats unattractive but still quite useful.

Step 2:

Quick use of some pliers to bend into shape, I hit it with a file a few times, and then a good going over with some sand cloth to smooth it out. (sand cloth is a wet / dry plumbers sand paper)

Step 3: Give It a Hang

Honestly, I dig the crap out of it and I've been wearing it over a week with not a concern.  ;)

Step 4: Its a Work in Progress

I lost the first one but I'm going to give it a go again, trying some different bends.

Step 5: 2nd Time.....?

It wears a bit different



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    I got a shot pair and that gives me 2 more tries at making this work. Any suggestions?

    I lost it. I was in the heat wiping the sweat to my shirt sleeve and poof like the wind :( Hey, a least they are cheap!

    ... and manly, too! ;-)

    onrust has black hair.....
    The image whispers female to me but the fingers reflection
    are short nails with no strong color:¬¦

    What the? WOW, I know i need a haircut but C'mon...... and black hair? no worries, it took me a minute to figure your burning man photos.

    After further review....... I can see the simple confusion. Most of my photos are of very short or hatted hair. As a dizzy dirty blonde, it does bleach out in the sun pretty easy :)

    LOL!!! Mystery solved!!! ;-D

    Very creative! Great job onrust!