Picture of hexafish rainbow loom bracelet

This is my favorite of all the Rainbow Loom bracelets - the hexafish! It's much chunkier and complex and looks more like a bangle. I made mine a bit larger than my wrist so I could wear it like a bangle, too.

And the best part? While it's a little time consuming, it's really not that complicated :D

This hexafish bracelet probably took me a couple hours over a few days, and the end result is perfect.

P.S. I really recommend making the original Rainbow Loom fishtail bracelet before tackling the hexafish. The hexafish bracelet is just like the fishtail bracelet times six. 

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Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of What you'll need:

If you buy the rainbow loom kit above, you will get the hook shown, some c-clips and some bands - won't need to buy anything else! :D

Step 2: Starting the bracelet

Picture of Starting the bracelet

To start the bracelet, remove one of the pieces of the loom (so you've only got two rows of pegs) and make sure the pegs are squared up.

Now, take your first band and loop it like an eight from pegs 1-2. Then place a band from 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, and 6-1 as shown in the photo.

These bands can be any color you want, as we'll be cutting them away at the end. I used black so I wouldn't waste any of the colors I use more often.

Step 3: Making the foundation

Picture of Making the foundation

Stretch two bands all the way around the six pegs.

Use your hook and pull the figure eight bands over the top bands, going from the outside in. It should look like photo #4.

I like to go from left to right on each row of pegs, but it's not really important which order you do it in. :)

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suzysmith2416 days ago
i ran out of bands halfway through
crazygumdrop22 made it!24 days ago

I made it!



Loomster11 month ago

Go to

Loomster11 month ago

awesome but already knew how to make it.

BlueFire312 made it!1 month ago


Hexafish Loom.jpg
rosalynn281 month ago

i seriously luv it!!! but don't have that much time:(

kampys1 month ago

i so did not understand any of the instructables can any of you tell me to get better instructables because this is the first time i'm making an hexafish loomband so please help me find a website for loombands... i need a lot of help for this one because its very very tricky if you're making it the first time and i'm really sorry for saying this to who showed these steps to make a hexafish loomband

i cant understand the looping part
DaniyalW2 months ago


Kelsi12345 made it!4 months ago

I made this but I didn't have enough time to finish it so I left the black part on and I tied the three loops at the top together with a slip knot and I made a little hat in the colours of my favourite football team, the Saints

AdrianA27 months ago

I swear to God it's so easy to mess this one up. One wrong move then you have to do it all over again. Which takes so looooooooong.

shy shy AdrianA25 months ago
You are so cool how did you figure it out the instructions are very hard to do
Phoenix1098 months ago
I like your instructions, their very useful! : )
I like this bracelet i just don't understand how to loop over the figure 8 please help

hook it outside, not inside. get the bottom two bands and hook it outside.

geckospyker made it!11 months ago

Very well done instructions. It helped me figure out how to close the bracelet successfully.






Ivy NoreenA9 months ago

it's nice i made 2 i learned it here 4 those who are confused check out the mastermind toys' tutorial on youtube.

Ivy NoreenA9 months ago

it's nice i made 2 i learned it here 4 those who are confused check out the mastermind toys' tutorial on youtube.

ohgosh its so nice

EwaK19 months ago

very good tutorial, I can recommend to everyone

hsellars1 year ago

I want to make this but I can't make my loom pegs parallel is there a way I could do it when the pegs are diagonal???

yes just hook up on instructbles hexa fish on a craz,loom

syrommel9 months ago

nice love this.

instroguy9 months ago

good instro and I made it but no pic

easy instructions to follow

owitczaak10 months ago

Cool, I love it!

Thebomb09110 months ago
that looks so cool
beaubeau2011 months ago

i can place the bands AND hook them but i dont get last few steps

wow!!! it's cool
Thanks it realy helped
08tanx11 months ago

Cool! Your instructions were great XD

tigmath11 months ago

:P :D awesome but its taking a while ;P ;D

tigmath11 months ago

cool I will try it and see if I can do it

Do you by chance know where i can find out how to do the Sailor's Pinstripe bracelet without using a video? I can't find it here on instructables......

look on snapguide

they should have it


hjohns1 made it!12 months ago

quite tricky to begin with and takes a few hours but it's well worth it

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