Hidden Wrist Pistols





Introduction: Hidden Wrist Pistols

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should i post this if so please tell me i built 2 and with a flick of the wrist it swings into your hand and is ready to fire it gets up to 20-50 feet the only bad thing is that it makes your wrists sore after a while and some times the ram rod gets stuck on the stopper. besides that it is fine and awesome




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    post it
    post it
    post it
    post it
    post it
    post it
    post it
    post it
    post it
    post it
    post it
    post it please

    i have tried to make it but i am making crap

    im working on an assasins creed version. may or may not take off my hand. dont worry!! iv taken safty procedures. some one else will fire it first!(lol jk)

    please post
    it is a very nice gun

    post the instructions please

    this is very cool.
    the fact that everyone is tying it to "sherlock holmes" is not. the new "sherlock holmes" was terrible. everyone that has read the original novels and short stories will know. the originals have no chase scenes, fights, and things like that. you people just dont know your sherlock holmes.

    nice guns though

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    No chase scenes > Sign of Four, by boat, Chapter 10 "The end of the islander."

    Ill be happy to provide more examples if you disagree. Been meaning to finish the book anyway.

    Well a few but the stories are not nearly as violent as in the movie.

    I heard about those but never actually watched them. maybe its time?

     It looks like the one the guy has in the new Sherlock Holmes movie. In the bit where Homes dresses up as a hobo and the guy pulls out the gun on him. 

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     How do you pull back the ram? I mean if its hidden you would have to reveal a lot of it just to cock it.

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    thats why you cock it and load before hidding it

     Your aim must be really good, because I cannot hit someone with only one shot normally takes me 2 to hit.