Introduction: Hiding Places Made From a Pen and a Measuring Tape (two Different Places) Plus a Goodie

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So I had a few ideas to make these "wallets" because if you like to have money hanging around for when you need it or if you like to have money but are scared someone will rob you. Lets face it. Who's going to take your pen? or your measuring tape?
I'll start with the pen.

I also have a little goodie at the end for all of you

Step 1: Step 1: Pen

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Step one is to take the pen, normal ball point that isnt see through ant take it apart like in the picture.

Step 2: Step 2: Pen

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Take the point out of the ink tube and put the point back into the pen

Step 3: Step 3: Pen

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Roll the money up as tight as you can, put it in the pen and put the lid over it

The bigger the pen the easier it is to put the money in

And Ta Da!! a wallet for the paranoid!

Step 4: Step 1: Measuring Tape

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Unscrew the measuring tape, and put the money inside

Step 5: Step 2: Measuring Tape

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Seal it back up and open when you need it!

Step 6: The Monitor Hide!!!

Picture of The Monitor Hide!!!

So i figured this out whilst playing around with some ideas. Most monitors (at least flat screens) have a little open area between the base of the front and the top of the stem holding the computer.
This is a great place to store whatever you don't want being found!!

Literally all you need is a flat screen monitor and something secretive

Although I really didn't "make anything, i still thought i should share it with all you secretive folks out there.


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Sneaky sneaky, sir.

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