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That's pretty much everything. My original intention was to build a totally enclosed grow system using hydroponics, but i wanted to get this done in time for the LED challenge.
I might make another instructable on how i go about doing that, but there's quite a few decent ones around the place anyway.

Here are a few potential improvements i'm going to make in the future:
Fans to blow on the plants and encourage thick stem growth.
C02 producer (yeast, sugar, water).
Larger heat sinks all round.
PWM light control using microcontroller.
Timer to turn lights on and off.

Happy electric gardening!

P.s I know what your all thinking.....I'm growing pot, well I'm not. Honest. I do things like this because it interests me.
I am currently trying to grow some plants in my cube at work and have been looking for as much info on leds as possible. have been following you with your attempts. I have had hit and miss success.

I went with something easy but it is turning out to be kinda a crap shoot. im working with moss in small containers. glass bottles and what not.

heh "iamhonestlynotgrowingpot" XD

there are no windows in my part of the building. and I want something that will grow. cant have regular sized house plants because they turn the lights off on the weekends and they die a slow death. but if my LED's are plugged in the maintenance wont unplug it.

so yeah, just wanted to tell you. thank you for your research!

buddah305 years ago
Why are you having problems attaching the heat sinks to the box? Are you running votage to the box? They should be attached to it to help with grounding and heat. Also why are you putting eletronics in with moisture. Attach them to the outside of the box. As for cooling, look for computer fans. Small ones can get attached to your electronic box for cooling and bigger ones can be used for blowing on hte plants. You could even use some of the wasted power from your leds to power them.
ewok855 years ago
 Looks very interesting - I really want to give this a go!

I managed to kill every single plant in my house last winter - it was too cold to put them out, and they didn't seem to get enough light :( I've always wanted to make hydroponic herbs so I always have them fresh on hand, with something like this I might be able to get them to grow all year round!!
pbawesome5 years ago
i agree with you man... my parents think im gonna be growing pot what i want to do is breed tomatoes i have an empty room thats always heated with the rest of the house and i want to maintain one tomato clone throughout the winter and late winter make more clones out of that and plant them outside in the garden so we have those tomatoes that are as big as your skull yet taste good
gerojalo6 years ago
all i could manage to get hold of was an IRF540A for Q2 ... and a BC549C for Q1 ..... would these be ok ?
dont worry ..... i connected it all up and it runs fine
darthneo6 years ago
So can you use any Red and Blue LEDs? or is there a specific kind, like could you use the o' cheapo LEDs that you can find on ebay?
}{itch (author)  darthneo6 years ago
if you look through the comments to this project people have posted chlorophyll absorption spectrum graphs, you'll probably want to look at the peaks in these and adjust your red and blue led's to the correct wavelength for maximum efficiency by looking at the data sheets for the LED's. If efficiency is not your main goal any red and blue LED's, so long as you have enough, should be ok. Best of luck!
rhodge6 years ago
Hey, so how do I build a led system that will replace my 1000 hps light? I am not that knowledgeable on building this stuff, but that just because I don't know how, but ya got to learn some how, and I am not one not to do something just, because I don't know what I am doing. I just learn how as I go. So anyone have any suggestions? To just go out and but it is to expensive and not as much fun. Yes, it is legal in my state for those with medical cards.
poppieann6 years ago
I've been getting into hydroponics to grow herbs and I want to grow veggies in the long winter months, and in general I find it very interesting. I have the same issue as you though, everyone thinks I'm doing it to grow pot. Small minded people, there's so much more to the whole of it than that small aspect. Keep up the good work, I have very little experience with electronics and I find your instructables very helpful!
and what exactly is wrong with growing pot (aside from the legal aspect of things)?
}{itch (author)  nwcstledrinkr6 years ago
i got nothing against it...I'm just not growing it. To be honest the main reason i put that last bit is because almost every time i mentioned this project to someone they would assume i was growing the green and would either look delighted or occasionally disapproving......and, well, i got fed up with disappointing people all the time so I'd usually follow any descriptions with a hasty "iamhonestlynotgrowingpot".
DW20546 years ago
Very interesting project...Thank a lot!