This is a simple knex pistol. its bolt action or semi automatic and has a mag that hold 8 blue rods that can fire bout 40 feet

Step 1: First Make These Parts

this is the left grey rod piece

Step 2: Right Side

this isjust the right side of the gun

Step 3: Barrel

this is wat the left and right sides connect to.

Step 4: Assembly of Barrel

this is where u connect the left and right side to the barrel

Step 5: Continued


Step 6: Handle

this handle is designed for low parts

Step 7: Add Handle

and handle in between th threee yellow conectors

Step 8: Bolt

this is th firing pin its simple and strong and th bit between the yelloow connector is a grey connector

Step 9: Add It!

how the bolt goes in(sorry bout camera flash)

Step 10: Magazine

simple 8 blue rod ammo clip

Step 11: Adding the Clip

just add onto the 2 snowflae pieces (the 2 rubber bands on to are to keep ammo in)

Step 12: Rubber Bands

add te main rubber band onto the bolt and on onto the trigger so it automatically cocks itself(lol)

Step 13: Ok U R Finished!!!!!

to load feed blue rods into the top of mag then pul back on bolt until trigger cocks
It can't be semi-automatic and bolt action at the same time. Decide which one it is.
40 feet<br />hmmmm........
alright gun needed a bit of modding and the mag was very av
its not a true bolt action or semi-auto. please remove that. also, it has a block trigger. you might want to add a true trigger.
Good job. Why can't you say that on ALL of the block triggers?
cause there is too many to say good job too.if u say it too much, it doesnt mean anything anymore!
Well, yeah, but usually he is overly mean or spams and puts up The List(duh-dumm!!!!!!!!!!)
The list sounds really fun
It's not. It goes nowhere--sure, it fights spam, but with MORE FREAKIN' SPAM! It's pointless. It's holding down both pedals--it's stupid. /rant
he lied to us!
me, or knexfreak1795?
PHEW! Dodged a bullet there. LOL
i cant make a worin true trigger how u make one??????
go check out the instructable on how to make a great weapon. specify the parts i wrote.
you can make the magazine bigger by replacing the green connectors with longer connectors.
the green connectors coming down
you mean green rods?
yes that is what I mean, i don't know why I said connectors but I meant rods
Not bolt action, not semi-auto.
Semi-auto? I think not.
not semiauto
well, its pretty good, but as always, we already have enuf of these. A few suggestions i have are: beef up the handle, take out a couple of the connectors at the front, they cause lots of friction, add a firing pin lock. They are always a good idea, especially on these magazine guns.

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