Introduction: High Table With Textures

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Design a tablecloth using your own pictures and sentences.

Step 1: The High Table

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Design a tablecloth using your own pictures and sentences.

Step 2: The Requirements

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The requirements :
tablecloth, preferably white
computer + printer
t-shirt transfer paper
ironing board
wax paper

Step 3: Design

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Make designs on the computer that you can print on the table cover. Make sure that the sentences are mirrored.

Step 4: Print

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 Print out the pictures/sentences on the t-shirt transfer paper. Cut the pictures out.
Arrange the pictures/sentences on the tablecloth. When it is how you want it then you can iron.

Step 5: Iron With T-shirt Transfer Paper

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 Iron the t-shirt transfer paper with the pictures onto the tablecloth. Follow the instructions from the t-shirt transfer paper.

Step 6: Enjoy the Result

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Put it on the table and there is the result and admire your work.


cultuurnacht (author)2011-01-21

where do I get t-shirt transfer paper?
By the way, I love the design

cultuurnacht (author)2011-01-21

een mooi idee; meer plaatjes (ook aan zijkanten) zouden het nog sterker kunnen maken.

cultuurnacht (author)2011-01-18

hard working

cultuurnacht (author)2011-01-18

nice table

cingel (author)2010-12-21

Nice work and good luck at the Culture night in Breda

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