Picture of high voltage joule thief!
3v glw 005.jpg
3v glw 011.jpg
this is how to make a high voltage joule thief!
the ones i made were 90 and 180v but the more
hv turns you do the higher the voltage(about 1v per turn)
this circuit runs best @2.4v-3v
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Step 1: Materials.

you will need:
toroid core(ferrite)
2n3904(sometimes others work too)
512ohom resistor
winding wire(0.15mm approx)
0.2-4mm as well!
neon glow lamp (i used maplin rx70)

Step 2: Wind the hv windings.

Picture of Wind the hv windings.
Get your 0.15mm wire and wind at least 85 turns
through the middle of your toroid like the pic.

Step 3: Wind the low voltage windings.

Picture of Wind the low voltage windings.
twist the high voltage wires together to make winding easier
using your 0.2mm wire wind 5 turns and make a center tap
and then wind another 5 the center tap is the positive 2.4v.

Step 4: Put together all the parts.

Picture of Put together all the parts.
3v glw 001.jpg
3v glw 014.jpg
3v glw 015.jpg
now put all your parts together .
and test it!