Holga design tidy up, plus bonus :-)how to get into a holga!

this is a holga, i wanted to paint the shutter button knobs and waist level viewfinder white to match the rest of it.and so it would be a mirror of the black version
i used screwdriver , glue for plastic, spraypaint
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Step 1: How to get into a holga, soo simple only needs one step!

for the top theres one screw on the colour change side
but the top will not come off without breaking something inside ,unless you realize that the wind knob is glued on,
mine didnt have much glue so it came off without too much trouble,when its off there two screws under the winder after that you have access to under the top

Step 3: Viewfinder crunch tastic

the viewfinder was more tricky,2 screws and 2 horrible melted plastic rivets.take out the screws and pry away,
i had to reglue the lens in place,used a glue for plastic models
not superglue as it can make a frosty effect on some plastics.