Homade Telegraph





Introduction: Homade Telegraph

This Instructable is an basic electromegnetic circuit.
It is very simple to make and it uses materials you pronely have around you're house.

Step 1:

tie the wires using the method of towe hatch hichis

Step 2:

first gather the materials you need :
1. magnet
2. a spool of copper wires
3. paper clip
4. batteries
5. nail

Step 3:

first tie the wires to the magnet and then to the batteries

Step 4:

Next tie the wires to the paper clip and you are done.



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    I changed the misspellings Next time, notify the person if you want something done I think you should still add a final image as the intro picture, I would also go more into depth when describing the steps. For example, how am i suposed to tie the wires to the batteries, which knot, two half hitches? Also I think you are going to need actual pictures

    The Magnets and the nail are missing in your Diagram. Did you forget to put them in your Instructable? I cannot understand how is a flashlight is connected to a telegraph. Where did the bottle come from - it is not in the material list. Is it a Beer bottle or a soda bottle?

    i chainged the picture but frogot to uplode it

    you don't exactly sound native to the English language some words like clip and batteries are misspelled if I were you I would ad more detail and maybe get a English collaborator

    I am not English I am Romanian but I live in Canada.

    You should have posted this in the month of April to make us you know what?
    I have got a better idea, tie the wires to a tree and place the batteries in your car, and put the nail in your car tyre, so you get a car telegraph, I forgot the magnets put them in the petrol tank, with the paper clip.

    if you like this project join my group!

    thanks I will try that.

    I like the concept, and it seems easy to do, but I'm lost on the diagram. Is there a way you can post more images or pictures?

    i do not have anny pictures but if you have a link that i could get some send it. It would be a great help