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Introduction: Home Automation

This idea was come on my mind when i go for study at night after some time i sleep but light are still on so i want to design a system that automatically off lights and other devices that control by switch .

i publish my project first so if you get some difficulty to understand my project or you have some suggestion to improve my project design or any suggestion please write comments.

Components need in this project are:

1. Arduino uno or we can use avr micro-controller (atmega 8/16/32/328p etc) because the software for micro-controller is design in avr studio so you can burn this program in any controller.

2. ULN2003 Ic : for power amplifying of input signal of micro-controller.

3. Relays : No. of relays is based on how many switch you want to control

4.Leds : any color that you want quantity = No. of relays

5.Diodes : 4001-4007 any , quantity = No. of relays

6.Resistances : 200 ohm-700ohm any , quantity = No. of relays

7. General Purpose pcb 1 : for making digitally controls relay switch

8. some wire to connect arduino with Bluetooth,uln2003ic

9. one Android phone with Bluetooth .

Step 1: Step 1: Making of Digitally Controlled Relay Switch

This is digitally controlled relay switch . This switch is connect with uln2003 lc that is connect with arduino

Step 2: Step 2: ULN 2003 Ic Circuit

This is simple circuit because of uln2003 ic. Because Micro-controller controller does not give

enough power to control Digital Control switch to get enough power we use ULN 2003 Ic to increase the power.

Step 3: Step 3: Bluetooth

I use this CZ-HC-05 bluetooh.This bluetooth module received command string from android mobile application serial and give command to micro-controller .

Step 4: Step 4 : How Relay Switch Connect With Normal Switch

This circuit diagram show you how u connect.

Step 5: Step 5: Softwares



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    I am a student of instrumentation engineering and I have to submit a small project on automation as I am a 2 Yr student I don't know much about it so I want your help in my project...

    1 reply

    What kind of help you want..
    About hardware or software.

    I like your Instructable

    Thank you so much for sharing


    1 reply

    thank u so much to like my Instructable. I am trying to make this Instructable simple.

    It's the way of the future and us regular fork with the tools and the know-how should be able to have some fun,

    Nice work. Thanks for sharing this!