Introduction: Home Made 3d Printer End Filament

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This is my home 3d printer.thanks to E-waste 3d printer

All of the materials are from 7 old printers, gathered from my family and friends. I’ve collected couple of stepper motors and a lot of dc motors. I didn’t need the dc motors for this project. I ordered Arduino Mega and Ramps 1.4 from Aliexpress and J-head Hotend.

Step 1: Begins With Wooden Frame

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I started with wooden frame
All that you see is handmade and is very difficult to assemble. I had to find many different bolt lots sizes, to put it all together.

Step 2:

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These are all of my reserve parts and wirings.

Step 3:

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the video is from my prototipe

Step 4: Filament Ekstrude

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Filament extruder
I have an old arburg machine I have been converting to filament extruder. Please vote for me. I will need 3d printer.

Step 5: Testing X End Y Axis

this is small testing next to drowning some gearwheel.

Step 6:

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small test


YavorK1 (author)2016-03-18

Thanks. This gives me some ideas for my scrap printer. I have almost everything but the frame proved to be the biggest pain. As everything must be cut and drilled perfectly and aligned. Is this extruder feeding the filament as it should ? What are the motor specs ?

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