Ask for instructions i may make some plans. It shot about 400fps @ 55psi its inline but i have a feeder mec to help push the bbs to the vortex.
good fire rate

holds about 2000 bbs with out feeder mec

easy to use and fire


needs compressor but could be upgraded to co2


<p>please put instructions, need for my fort</p>
<p>dude add pics and some actual instuctions</p>
make instructions please.
Send me instructions please<br>
Looks cool, you should make a mount it.
make an ible for it<br>
It's a picture? Can we get some instruct'n. More pictures, more detail.
do you have a dremel
oooh nice, i might get my AUG and upgrade it, and stuff, since it is kind of cheap, and then buy a few mags for it and use that AND my G36c :)<br>But seriously, nice product you got there, and great results
is ur AUG sping and if not whut gear box
no electric but i am now thinking of buying my mates broken AK47 krinkov for &pound;50 then buying a new motor and battery :) and it has a metal gearbox (AUG)
Wait- are you using an air compressor? Nice job by the way.
yes for now

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