Introduction: Home Made Custom Marker Pen and Ink

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A basic marker pen that can be suited to you or what you’re writing needs (though is usually used for graffiti)
At this moment mentioning graffiti I would like to say I hold no responsibility of how this pen is used. If you go vandalise something (I don’t recommend it) and you get caught its your fault. In the whole it will be your own dumbass fault.

And as in my last instructable my camera doesn’t have any macro settings so the pictures are blurry so please don’t complain. Also be nice with comments

Step 1: Stuff and First Step

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You will need
-An old mascara, thing
- A penknife or suitable replacement
-Ink or a substitute (I also heard that highlighter pen insides might work but I doubt it)
-Wick of some kind (I used a piece of mop head but felt or fabric MIGHT work)

Lets get to work then
First take your mascara and wash it out by taking the lip of the mascara bottle off (do this in a sink or somewhere you don’t mind getting messy I MEAN IT) and take out as much of the brush as you can

Step 2: Getting Nibby With

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Not that the mascara stuff has been cleared out (it has right?) take the lip of the mascara and force the wick into it (if you double it over, it helps).

Step 3: Fun Fun Fun Ink

Now for the ink
Go wild,
Use Indian ink as the base then adds other things to it like I added wood Steiner and mixing balls (tiny ball bearings). Other ideas are inks from highlighter pens also paints and paint thinners help to make the paint thinner for writing. Also apparently fish oil can be used in graffiti so when buffed it leaves a stain behind. White spirits do this as well along with break oil I think (all these i'm not shore about but I have learnt from the internet) also for more ideas look up ink recipes.

After finishing the ink fill er up! (Btw the ball bearings help (if non are around get a small screw or small metal object and put into mascara)

Step 4: Finishing Up

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Now carefully put the lip back into the mascara (make sure the end of the wick goes into the ink straight (not bunched up). and have the end nib protruding about the same amount as in the pick.

If when the open is closed up the pen get squished and runs out then you might need to hollow out the lid in some way. Also don’t forget this is a basic design so this kind of thing can be put into any kind of container (things like aerosol cans (I don’t recommend opening up them in case something bad happens (sorry about all of the brackets and I don’t recommends but I don’t want to get sued in this day and age by someone blowing up their hand somehow by opening up and aerosol can)))

That’s it and till next time later.


rockgod57 (author)2010-04-09

You can use the ink from sharpies instead of having to get all that other stuff. all you gotta do is cut a sharpie ink cartridge in half over some container and ink will be poring out

biofueljunke (author)rockgod572010-05-18

or you can buy some pilot ink (pilot pen company) it goes great with a pilot jumbo supercolor it is lightfast and a refillabel marker so its green

rockgod57 (author)biofueljunke2010-05-18

cool thnx ill check it out i can buy from like anywhere anyway so thts good

biofueljunke (author)2010-05-16

what you need is a chalk board eraser and arrid roll on

akaeon182 (author)2008-03-27

if your camera doesn't have a macro feature just take the picture at whatever depth you can get away with then crop it on the computer using paint or w/e.

Agroking (author)akaeon1822009-12-21

Yeah. That's no excuse.

evy-wevy (author)2007-04-11

for graff, i have made bingo dabber markers with chalk eraser felt nibs. I fill it with KRINK.

erfonz (author)evy-wevy2007-04-12

KIWI MOP YEEAAAHHH!!!!! .... Also, in a marker like this, you can use a chunk of dry erase board eraser for the nib.

evy-wevy (author)erfonz2007-04-14

yeah, i found some markers with a giant eraser nib that can be turned into a nib

ker-boom101 (author)evy-wevy2009-05-07

Naah For some uses Paint workss well Kinda like Hardcore markers by montana

cry_wolf (author)evy-wevy2007-08-06

Yeahh KRINK, ever try GROG inks?


Hey, this is pretty awesome. I like, I like very much.

pixelhustler (author)2007-08-06

Hmmm... a wick and a mascara brush! I love it! Check out my instuctable on making a mop marker.

HEC TVS (author)2007-07-28

Go to: WWW.NYCMOPS.COM For the real McCoy

littlesamurai (author)2007-04-12

i spell checked it but the 's turned out as some weird symbols like a weird a, euro sign, and a tm sign.

lemonie (author)2007-04-11

For the close-ups, try using the maximum resolution setting on your camera (at a distance which gives a sharp focus) then crop to an appropriate size. L

thejrb (author)2007-04-11

This is pretty cool, but did you run this through a spell checker? IN some parts it's very hard to read and if you don't have clear pictures then more detail would be nice :).

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