a fuse made from sparkler, cotton thread, and water

you need sparkler,thread,water and a pestle COMMENT PLEASE


Step 1: Crush the Sparkler

crush the sparkler into fine powder

Step 2: Make It Into Mush and Add Thread

make it into mash and add thread make it about the same consistency as the picture

Step 3: Wait 1 Hour for It to Dry Watch the Video

well i see that it burns just like string would if lit like that, according to what ive seen, nothing has changed about the string, how well does it burn downwards into a very confined hole only just big enough for the fuse to fit in?
i really dont see how this could possibly work, at least not like a normal fuse if it wasnt using 10 year old sparklers that still contain chlorates. <br>are you certain this works like a normaal fuse, that could burn through even tiny holes, that could burn even if wrapeed in tape? <br>also please retake those pictures, quite frankly, your better off drawing your pictures, than using those ones, every things a blur
do you think it would work with these?<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olV-9AMRhZ0">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olV-9AMRhZ0</a><br/>
it might but just to say match rockets really suck with fuses
This Instructable seems to pull it off:<br /> <br /> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Fused-Matchstick-Rocket/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/Fused-Matchstick-Rocket/</a><br />
&nbsp;It&nbsp;doesn't&nbsp;go that far anyways so why do you need a fuse for it&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Its not like its going to blow your face off : /<br />
It's more about aesthetics, really.&nbsp; Everyone knows it's not an explosive until you add a fuse ;).<br /> <br /> <br /> Plus, if you live in Maine where it's windy (like me), lighting one of these is a total pain. Matches blow out too easily, lighters burn your fingers, and other more dangerous options will destroy the rocket completely. Don't ask.<br /> <br /> <br /> -Y<br />
What do you mean by &quot;make it mash&quot;? Do you mean add water?<br />
&nbsp;&quot;make it into a mash&quot;, yes&nbsp;
Ah, thanks! Nice instructable by the way!<br />
&nbsp;I have a ton of Visco Green waterproof fuse for sale.mac802@gmail.com
&nbsp;no thanks ive&nbsp;already&nbsp;got some&nbsp;
dude why waste materials when you can simply just put a sparkler straight in and besides sparklers can burn in low oxygen
the metal rod is a pain
i don't see how since the rod can be bent...
though after you have a burning hot metal rod a pain to pick up (yes I'm too impatient to let it cool)
That is what water is for :-0
yeah but what happend one time is i made a super powerful firecracker and it shot the rod out
Yeah! That's not a pain, that's awesome!
when it almost shoots youre uncle... thats no awsome
The powder comes off and it can jump the fuse, as the burn on my thigh shows.
then wrap it in a thin layer of tape before bending
I made one of those, but it does not burn well, I find that using black powder works better.
worked fine for me really hard to get my hands on blacpowder
make it :) doesnt need to be quality if its just for a fuse. just mix charcol dust with an oxidiser (e.g. pottassium nitrate) mix it up with some dextrin (or epoxy glue) and coat the string
pretty good, could do with better pictures and a bit more instruction, The video is good though
my camera it terible
oh ok, you could buy a webcam from the dollar store, that would take pictures
thats what im using
oh... well maybe buy a cheap piont-and-shot digital camera then
maybe i could just focus this one
You need new pictures.
no bad notes: needs better pictures use the instructables notes feature give a bit more info, like how to get it on the thread, what kind of thread, etc. have a little section or place that says homemade fuses are unsafe

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