Introduction: Home-made Lava Lamp

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my lava lamp. I think it is pretty cool and all my guests like it so lets make one! It's really awesome it actually works like one, I think if you put a LED in there it will light up but I don't know also you can put a marble in it. Sounds like a plan.

you will need:
1.a test tube
2. some water
3. oil
4. food coloring
some pictures are not mine

Step 1: The Base

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1. put the water, oil, and food coloring.  You should get clear slow subtance in the tube, it should move slowly and creep down the tube and be like a lava lamp with colors. Since the oil floats to the top there should be bubbles that move slowly to the top.

Step 2: Add Food Coloring

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add your color too make it look better. I added green because thats the only color I had and it looks good. Now you are done go display it somewhere every one can see it. Please comment, rate, and subscribe.


depotdevoid (author)2012-04-28

Does it actually bubble like a lava lamp does? Any chance of some video of it in action?

yea if you flip it over it will but I will post a video

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