Picture of home-made lava lamp
my lava lamp. I think it is pretty cool and all my guests like it so lets make one! It's really awesome it actually works like one, I think if you put a LED in there it will light up but I don't know also you can put a marble in it. Sounds like a plan.

you will need:
1.a test tube
2. some water
3. oil
4. food coloring
some pictures are not mine

Step 1: The base

Picture of the base
1. put the water, oil, and food coloring.  You should get clear slow subtance in the tube, it should move slowly and creep down the tube and be like a lava lamp with colors. Since the oil floats to the top there should be bubbles that move slowly to the top.
depotdevoid3 years ago
Does it actually bubble like a lava lamp does? Any chance of some video of it in action?
Atlas Portal 2 (author)  depotdevoid3 years ago
yea if you flip it over it will but I will post a video