Picture of home made nerf  or air gun , for under $12 bucks!
Well , after looking at a certain instructable , i found a very interesting one about an air release valve ( very nice video i must say) but sadly i never has 1 mm tubing nor the spring or the little rubber stoppers, but then it hit me when i was watering my plants (yes.. plants nothing more) if water had to stop then so did air! the best part is that it already has a trigger, so this is how i made the my gun

Items needed:
Hose nozzle (the blue thing on the picture)
almost 2 foot tube, use anything that would work like copper tube,schedule 40 PVC,Broom stick handle, sawed (what i use surprisingly hard and light , perfect for me! )
2 lt soda bottle never had any soda bottles around (i dont drink pop, it kills your bones!!!) so i used 500 ml water bottle, good enough but it pops around 50 psi
tape skewers
rubber water stopper for hoses
drill with a bit no larger than an inflating needle
and some hot glue or silicone, but it takes too long

Mandatory things:
Eye protection
hands that do not touch glue gun nozzle to see if its hot enough ( AKA wear gloves)
Make sure your not an idiot , if you are have some one with you thats not

Do not shoot nail at and biological living organism (translation : anything the breathes moves and eats EG: birds, humans, squirrels, ground hogs and rabbits )
Nails are extremely dangerous when fling out the barrel remember longer the barrel ( not not insane long) faster and longer it goes (thank you velocity!!! i right ,right?) , i never made a safety , once pumped it can shoot, once you press the trigger

Step 1: Take off the nozzle, not needed yet

Picture of Take off the nozzle, not needed yet
just unscrew the nozzle , you can use the multi type ones but there more expensive thus are not used, the nozzle will be used some other time if it works then ill post it (rocket launcher!) bad quality on this photo sorry, but its really doesn't matter,you get it right?
FallenKing8 months ago
Im sorry i cant send picture for some reason
FallenKing8 months ago

FallenKing8 months ago
This is what i got. Even though it looks hard, its basic air gun like this. I just added a stock longer barrels, ect. Instead of using a thin plastic water bottle, i used a my moms lotion bottles that can hold 120 psi.
almogsade11 year ago

does the size of the bottle influencing the power of the gun?

No. Larger bottles contain more air, so you can fire more ammos without pumping. IF a 500ml bottle can handle 50psi, a 2 liter bottle will handle 200 PSI, So you can fire 4X time more.

No, PSI stands for pounds per square inch and is a measure of compression so a bigger bottle may be able to handle more air compressed to this level and maybe a higher compression due to having a thicker bottle but it probs won't be exactly linear.

On another note I'm gonna cut down the barrel, cut a slit in it and make it into a clip-fed smg/sten gun.

Simc11 year ago

can i attach a tank of paintball and will it shoot well ?

This what I done so far
13 6:43 PM.jpg
Does the inflammation needle have to be on da bottom?
pvtarun3 years ago
is ter any alternative for pump???
ViperSniper4 years ago
but if u put a needle into the bottle the air will escape right?
Cool! I'd use a pop bottle instead though... Made for much more pressure.
eric12345 years ago
i added a 2l bottle instead : )
i can't find a bottle that fits in teh nozzle :S
how far does it shoot?
bbot20007295 years ago
Wait, to fire I pull the water release nozzle and i use a bike pump to put air in through the needle before loading and firing?
billybenj5 years ago

i got a couple questions about the needle, did u just use one that pumps up balls? and did you glue the needle into the waterbottle, or is it attatched to the pump and u just push it in when you pump it?

Sharku (author)  billybenj5 years ago
yeah i glued the needle onto it but it doesnt do a good airtight fit , after like 4-10 shots it will come loose still trying to find a way of making it better (had an idea to use a bicycle tube valve) but yeah you just put the needle in the bottle glue it and pump it works for me
k thx, i got it working better now. I think must've not let the glue sit for long enough, but now its working good.
billybenj5 years ago
heres mine =p
MAVREV135 years ago
billybenj5 years ago
wow a homemade gun/nerf gun with instructions that i can accualy understand, great instructable, 5 stars, i'm gonna start making mine tomorow XD thank you for posting this.
how does it shoot?
lol read the damn thing lollllllll
you pull the thing thats supposed to let the water out
2bad4u5 years ago
I love this design... I need a cheap nerf gun for a party coming up in a few weeks and this is going to be great... I am currently working on modifying your loading so that it is easier to load a nerf bullet in (that way you don't have to mussel load)... but ill try to get some picks up once it is done...

great job!!!! :D
kee gee 2bad4u5 years ago
hi i feel yu
twenglish16 years ago
WARNING: don't over pump the bottle i will hurt!!!
Yah think
no i know from first hand experiences
it blew up on you?What psi was it or how many pumps?
i don't remember it was like almost 1000 pumps though, LOL
Where you alright and do you think that yeerk21 is a yankee
yah i was fine it just hurt like sh*t and yah i think he is, i talk in proper english and type it on the computer
if you type proper english on the computer then you shouldn't use the word with the asterisk up there in the first place. but then it really hurt so you were forced to say it. why were you forced to type it on the comp. when that event occurred long before you typed that reply there? check on scottmiller's comment up there and my reply to him. 

besides, your reply is way off topic so if you reply to me, type all the things you have to say and just send me a message on my inbox. 
some people never got over the civil war.
If you tape the bottle with duct tap, from top to bottom, and the bottle explodes, it will prevent shrapnel.
wrap ur bottle w/ duct tape so da shards wun go evrywher den it wun hurt so much:p
thats a good idea. you need to work on your english lol
iun ned 2 work on my english cuz i type lik tis on comp..wat u wan me 2 do type like this and have every you and I and other things etc...iun do tat on comp.
ok take it easy man
what is he saying?
i think he said "i dont need to work on my english cause this is how i type on the computer. what do you want me to do, type like this and have every you and i and other things etc. i don't do that on a computer"
i am...i usually tlk like tis LOL
laughing out loud or lots of luck I think
scottmiller5 years ago
 You should reinforce your bottle. This will allow you to use much higher PSI's and make it less dangerous to use(practically no risk of explosions). Just wrap the entire bottle in 3-5 layers of duct/gorilla tape. I know some of the other people commenting on this project have said to do this, but they said that it would only stop shrapnel from flying from the bottle. What they might not realize is that it will also reinforce the bottle. The more tape you put on the bottle, the stronger it will be.
ifen276 years ago
hey dude i love this design. if it works send me a vid, my name is ifen27
Ghost Wolf6 years ago
hot glue works best for a better seal
Phoghat6 years ago
Just how I like them, quick and dirty.
sharlston6 years ago
check out my instructable its simmilair its a air powered bb gun
flaresam6 years ago
Good for a starting gun, but its really basic. The only problem with a hose valve is the fact that it is tilted up a little bit, so it makes firing and keeping aim on your target at the same time really hard.
awsome man this is on my group homemade warrior
bylerfamily6 years ago
Great instructable!5/5 rating and it is a favorite.
Sharku (author)  bylerfamily6 years ago
thanks, glad you liked it =)
I am going to try this soon.
Ghost Wolf6 years ago
Can you make a video?
Ghost Wolf6 years ago
Where did you get the hose thing?
Sharku (author)  Ghost Wolf6 years ago
i got it from a dollar store im pretty sure you can find one.. but you might have to wait until the summer or go to a hardware store
Ghost Wolf6 years ago
Ghost Wolf6 years ago
Why not use pvc cement?
Sharku (author)  Ghost Wolf6 years ago
well i never had PVC cement and it costs money though i could use but money was an issue for me so i improvised but im pretty sure it would work ....
Yellow846 years ago
Does the garden hose release the air quick enough? Or is using a modified solenoid with an air gun valve better?
Sharku (author)  Yellow846 years ago
for me it releases fast enough it also matter how much you tighten it (in my case) and how fast you release the trigger, ive never used a mod' solenoid w/AGV but that sounds better i just was using what i have
Kaiven6 years ago
O.O NO WAY! I never thought to glue the actual needle INTO the air chamber! Now I don't need a shrader valve for every gun :D (shrader = bike inner tube valve)
Sharku (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
lol,its not the best {im pretty sure shrader valves are better in keeping the air in though...} i did that cause i had no other choice, im gonna work on different ways..[when i find a suitable bottle :) } well GL on building it {if you are}
Kaiven Sharku6 years ago
Still a good idea if you are out of shrader valves ;-) P.S. I think this is the first time I've seen some else that used a garden hose for their gun, I have on on my second version air rifle. Currently working on version 5.
VADER11107 years ago
Sharku (author)  VADER11107 years ago
that i cant really say, it all matters about the PSI... [my gauge is broken so...] im guessing around 30 PSI is good enough for it to go 20meters , though i usually do 20-30 pumps and it goes trough glass windows .. they were about 7 mm thick maybe more... though try to get smaller bottles [not water though... i know i did it... but really its all i can get.. for free] i should really make a v2.0 cause i did some really nice modifications [now only if i had a welder..](enough bragging) just pay around with PSI and if you going to give it a 2 lt bottle make the barrel larger, im pretty sure you see how this works , its mostly the pressure that propels it , the amount of air you need matter how big the barrel is so larger tank=larger barrel. i found it really good for long range... though i really must recommend a larger pump /or an air compressor/ you can do the maths [if your feeling nerdy] i think its
(weight-psi)*(barrel length+amount of air) /1.2754 kg/m3 ... but im no college student [im only 13....... >.>]
this is probably the cheapest and coolest air aun
Sharku (author)  superquack117 years ago
thanks, if you make one be sure to post some pics :)
good, but really it should be "home made nerf or air gun , for under $12 bucks!". I'm making a homemade nerf gun and should have it posted monday 7/21
Sharku (author)  rootbeerben37 years ago
ok changed but everything was under $5 for me but i guess i should have put the cost of water and a barrel, thanks
twisted7 years ago
very nice, i do have a sugestion though. Attatch a threaded PVC coupling to the nozzle instead of a barrel. Next, do NOT put the inflating needle in the watter bottle. So you have a hose nozzle, with a threaded PVC coupling, and a watter bottle. now make like.. 5 of those. these will be your airtanks. next, take a SMALL piece of 3/4 or 1in PVC pipe, and on one end put a endcap. On the otther end put the opposite threaded PVC copupling that is on you nozzles. Finally tak your small piece of pvc, and drill a hole in the encapped end, and insert a bike tire vavle.this will be your pumpping adapter. thread it onto the airtank to fill take a long piece of PVC (barrell) 1/2in fits nerf darts.... lol. and put the a threaded adapter on it so you can screw it onto the airtank. To Shoot: (1)take one airtank/nozzle combo and screw it onto the PVC addapter that you made. (2) Pump up the gun with a bikepump/compresser by using the addapter. (you will need to hold the guns trigger to do this) (3) Once the airtank is full unscrew the adapter and repeat steps 1-3 for each tank. (4) screw a barrell onto the airtank/nozzle and FIRE This gives you a MUCH higer rate of fire (ROF) and it actually alot easier to make than it sounds. lol. GREAT JOB!!! loved it.
dude so much typing u shoud just go and make a instructible dude
You oughtta make your own instructable of that :D
Sharku (author)  cry_wolf7 years ago
i agree, i would've done that but i have no cash , at all yes i know PVC is cheap but then again to a person that thinks 5 dollars is alot it is , im working on make it faster like small portable airtanks [like yours] but they are made from 500 ml bottles and im going to get pump valves or whatever they call it only cost 1.99 for 10 so ill try your idea maybe i will win a battle but not the war ( where did come in ? )
cry_wolf7 years ago
I like this, it includes stuff i actually have on hand, just one question. How do i fire? Could you explain to me exactly how you fire it?
Sharku (author)  cry_wolf7 years ago
matters what your shooting, what i usually do it just hat the barrel on the ground so its about 2cm of it and push it down to the tip of the nozzle with a stick or something , then you pump it then press the trigger has a nice sound to it too just make sure what your shooting has a nice snug fit in the barrel and push it down, ill post instructions of how to shoot once i can , i really never thought of making them, but i will
cry_wolf Sharku7 years ago
Thanks a ton, that extra section you added to the instructable really cleared things up for me. Now time to shoot some dirt at a few walls :D
Sharku (author)  cry_wolf7 years ago
added how to shoot, give some c&c if you have better ideas thanks, sharku
Would an air compressor work?
Sharku (author)  Brandon001517 years ago
it would be the best! instead of pumping like crazy you just have to push a valve answer yes it would work very well
dsman1952767 years ago
hmm, this looks good. i still have to read it but good so far.
Sharku (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
yes it is good, too bad i have to pay a bill now dirt going 50 mph = broken window...... yes that was just to show the power of this thing it is strong so not pump over 30 psi if your going to shoot someone with dirt it hurts alot
mrbob10007 years ago
this makes me want to build one... i have a floor pump with a guage. i would use a one litre bottle and pump it to 60-80 psi so i could shoot "nerf darts" really far... (marbles anyone? oh and the little lego wheels (without tires) fit well in 1/2 inch pipe!
I made a marble shooter with a vaccum cleaner, using the vacuum part to! (Not the outlet part)
Sharku (author)  mrbob10007 years ago
a floor pump would b much faster than a hand held one, im just too cheap to get one shoot the nerf darts where you can find them other wise you'll lose them allot add an one lt bottle and tell me how it works, probably much better than a 500 ml Sharku