Introduction: Home Made Tension Crossbow(no Rubber Bands!:D)

Picture of Home Made Tension Crossbow(no Rubber Bands!:D)

in this instructable i will show you how to make a simple crossbow that uses hacksaw blades to create tension on the string instead of using rubber bands. i dont know i was just sick and tired of people making crossbows with rubber i invented the only crossbow on that uses tension to shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Tools/materials

Picture of Tools/materials

a standard use saw
a work bench
1 clamp

a clothes pin (the one with a spring)
some duct tape
a long* piece of string}*
a piece of wood (1" x 1" x 5"**)
and last but NOT least:a **couple** of hacksaw blades

*depends on how far you prefer the "crossbow limbs" to go back
**5" at the least
****use more than 1 to get maximum torsion from crossbow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
}*dont use yarn type string(soft and springy) try using twine or string bought at a hardware store

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of Step 1

first you need to make the stalk of the crossbow.the pics will lead the way...

Step 3: Cut the Tape

Picture of Cut the Tape

like so...
then attach the duct tape to the clothes pin like so...

Step 4: Attach to Stalk

Picture of Attach to Stalk

title is pretty explanitory...

Step 5: Make the "limbs"

Picture of Make the "limbs"

just take a bunch of hacksaw blades,bend them to desired shape,and tie a couple of half hitches at the ends.(note that i only had one hacksaw blade at the time...)pics will show you how to tie the right this once then twice to be on the safe side.

Step 6: You're Finished!

Picture of You're Finished!

now that you've made a crossbow,wouldn't you like to know how to use it?of course you do!
1)put c/bow in dominant hand
2)push down the clothes pin
3)pull back the drawstring to the clothes pin
4)let go of clothes pin
5)add ammo to front of clothes pin (ex.:pen,straight stick...)
7)push clothes pin and tada!!!!congragulations! you have officialy killed something illeagaly!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Emperor Towhid (author)2014-11-11

Nice but what kind of ammo will you shoot

imBobertRobert (author)2011-08-16

part 2...
but youve been impaled by my pen!
tis nothing!
but your bleeding profusely!
no matter, the black knight always prevaaaaaallllssss.
*black knight falls unconciese from blood loss*
now we ride!
*clop clop. clop clop. clop clop.
___ _____
|___ | |\ /
| | | \ /
| __|__ | \/

imBobertRobert (author)2011-08-16

que monty python music...
*bum bah bum bah bah bum! Bum bum bah bumbumbumbah!*
fellow sir night! you fight with the might of a many men! will you join me on my quest for the holy grail?
*no response*
sir knight, will you join me?
*no response*
very well. we shall be on our way then...
none shall pass.
none shall pass.
but you must!
then you shall die.
at arms! *pulls out pen crossbow, pulls trigger*
tis but a scratch!

hogi (author)2010-11-08

Great instructable,I used a 18 inch lenght of Perspex instead of saw blades which made it ridiculously powerful and modified the trigger a bit but thanks for the idea

greymatter21 (author)hogi2011-06-24

lol nice and thanks

wolfman2152 (author)2011-04-18

isnt that kinda dangerous using sawbades

greymatter21 (author)wolfman21522011-05-02

not really its just a hacksaw blade and hacksaws arent sharp....

arpoky (author)greymatter212011-06-20

Actually, hacksaws ARE sharp. Have you ever been cut by one? It hurts like #311.
Hacksaw blades may have small teeth, but those teeth pack a pretty nasty punch.

greymatter21 (author)arpoky2011-06-24

theyre not sharp if u dont use em like a saw lol >.>

alex4646 (author)2010-06-02

maybe use a thin, bendy piece of wood thats somewhat strong (i suggest those free paint sicks from home depot cuz they are bendy and strong and free. maybe also invent a better trigger system(like a real crossbow) just to make it more awesome :) i like it.

greymatter21 (author)alex46462010-06-03

thx dude;D
i prefer the later 14th century crossbows(steel) than the earlier versions of crossbows which were often a stick attached to a bow of wood or a bow of wood,sinew,and animal tendons.all in all, steel limbs are more efficient when making a crossbow because it wont snapXD

alex4646 (author)greymatter212010-06-08

snapping can ruin a bunch of hard work so good thinking

bowow0807 (author)greymatter212010-06-06

why not carbon fiber?

greymatter21 (author)bowow08072010-06-06

i dont gotz any:( (im not very resourcefull)

nutsandbolts_64 (author)2010-05-31

lol, this is better than my other crossbows which aren't really crossbows, but are more like crossbow-like paper crossbows. Thy shall subscribe!

jtobako (author)2010-05-15

Torsion is twisting, I think this is tension-pulling force.

greymatter21 (author)jtobako2010-05-17

o lol i knew it was 1 of those two forces...

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