Home Made Usb Mp3 Player





Introduction: Home Made Usb Mp3 Player

i made this usb mp3 player...... that is very very cheap
the components are available at electronics spareparts store
ask for it as "usb mp3 player module"
components available with the 4$ board:
2.female usb port
3.I R sensor
4.connecting wires
additional components:
1.female audio jack
2.I C 7805 voltage regulator
3.connecting wires(for antenna---- long ordinary wire strip)
further enhancements:
you can connect the audio jack to that of a speaker and listen it through that also....
all the best.... :-)
also required:
1.soldering iron
3.insulation tapes
4.any suitable case for the board to fit in... just a small match box size is enough with a space for 9V batter attachable with it....



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    this is usb mp3 player....... buy a usb mp3 module.... that is only around 3 dollars....... and other parts are easily available...... see the connections so that music is played from your pen drive.... u can also give connections to sd card adapter and use memory card for playing mp3 format music and also it plays fm radio also...... its simple.....

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    its not a matter of 2$ or 3$..like this way u can improve ur technical skills..

    i buy a usb player it.s okay to you a 2 $

    How to fix with charger without power supply....

    Wouldn't it be awesome to use this to upgrade an old car radio to play USBs? That way I could keep the period correct appearance and enjoy HQ tunes!

    hello there!

    how to connect speaker

    plz help!!!!!!!

    Mine is not reading usb

    I have connect mp3 module to my iball tarang 2.1.old one. Please help how to connect internally and adapter require for this? please detail

    sir pls tell me where i can buy it and pls give me image of the every connections made by you from the upper fig it is not clear......

    hey you i buy a usb player how much that its okay a 2$

    Hey Where did you bought it, because im from mexico and the only way to bought it is from internet

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    it is available in electronic spare parts shop.... you must ask for it as " usb mp3 module"... it is available with board, connection wires, female usb port, IR sensor, . i bought it in Chennai, India for Rs.150/- that is around 4 dollars nearly.... you can also google search for it for booking online... i dont know the proper site for it...but found many when searched for it in google... :) try it...:) if you have any doublts just put you comment..... i will reply you as soon as possible :)


    Where in chennai? Ritchie street? Do you know any place in Tambaram where people might understand if I ask them like that? Mercy Electronics for example??

    how make it 9v or 5v hmm hey gys i have idea 5v part of power


    I made this usb player ,but i have some problem, that is when I connect pendrive or card reader song are not reading in my usb automatically it goes to fm mode .how to rectify this problem?
    then little bit of noise is coming even I have used 10k control ..pls suggest me..

    the board shown is different from that shown on top.how to connect sd card socket?

    I built this project, but the remote control isn't working can you suggest me a solution?