Home Made Usb Mp3 Player





Introduction: Home Made Usb Mp3 Player

i made this usb mp3 player...... that is very very cheap
the components are available at electronics spareparts store
ask for it as "usb mp3 player module"
components available with the 4$ board:
2.female usb port
3.I R sensor
4.connecting wires
additional components:
1.female audio jack
2.I C 7805 voltage regulator
3.connecting wires(for antenna---- long ordinary wire strip)
further enhancements:
you can connect the audio jack to that of a speaker and listen it through that also....
all the best.... :-)
also required:
1.soldering iron
3.insulation tapes
4.any suitable case for the board to fit in... just a small match box size is enough with a space for 9V batter attachable with it....



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    this is usb mp3 player....... buy a usb mp3 module.... that is only around 3 dollars....... and other parts are easily available...... see the connections so that music is played from your pen drive.... u can also give connections to sd card adapter and use memory card for playing mp3 format music and also it plays fm radio also...... its simple.....


    its not a matter of 2$ or 3$..like this way u can improve ur technical skills..

    i buy a usb player it.s okay to you a 2 $

    How to fix with charger without power supply....

    Wouldn't it be awesome to use this to upgrade an old car radio to play USBs? That way I could keep the period correct appearance and enjoy HQ tunes!

    hello there!

    how to connect speaker

    plz help!!!!!!!

    Mine is not reading usb

    I have connect mp3 module to my iball tarang 2.1.old one. Please help how to connect internally and adapter require for this? please detail

    sir how to add a speaker And sd card to it......