Step 4: Combine and Consume

I've been adding one capful of the Eidon Ionic Silica to two liters of filtered water and drinking it throughout the day.

Side note:  I don't recommend adding more than one capful to two liters - tried that and wound up with a sour stomach.
Great graphics! Mostly want to express my sympathy for the horror that motivated you. It's bad enough to watch loved ones deteriorate physically, but to see their essence/personality slowly dissolve is crushing. I hope this continues to work for you.
Thanks - I used a combination of Photoshop and Sketchup for the graphics. It's fun to try to come up with illustrations for ideas using these tools.
thank you!
I'm also no Dr though my avatar would suggest so (its a pun on Dr Who) I used colloidal silver earlier this year to clear up an infection in an injury on my shin that 3 courses of antibiotics failed to clear up, I bathed the wound with colloidal silver and also ingested 2 cl of colloidal silver which I held under the tongue for about 1 mins and then swallowed as this seems to be the quickest way to get the silver into the system. the wound and infection cleared up 2 weeks at which point I stopped using it. &nbsp;Not only did it clear up the infection that my Doctor was seriously getting concerned about due to antibiotics showing no sign of fix, (one course of antibiotics made me unbelievably ill and had to be stopped) it also cleared up a chesty cough that had been lingering with me for over 6 months before when I had contracted whooping cough, yes whooping cough at age 42, seems the childhood vaccination wears off.<br> <br> I did do allot of internet research on colloidal silver and the risk of argyeria, but it seems that guy who now looks like Pappa Smurf you see on You-Tube had been ingesting large amounts of colloidal silver for over a decade and also using a silver based topical cream and also sun beds to clear a persistent &nbsp;skin disease, this is why he turned purple but seems to be of the mind set that he would rather be blue than suffer a irritating skin disease.<br> <br> I now use colloidal silver to treat cuts and burns. also if I feel a cold or sore throat coming on will take 2 cl daily for about 1 week which does seem to speed up recovery.<br> <br> Good luck with the treatment and keep sharing you findings on the internet.<br> <br> Andy.<br> <br> <br>
Thank you for your interesting personal account. Maybe the colloidal silver will prove itself useful when the antibiotic resistant bacteria become a bigger problem. I am wary of it and haven't tried it yet, but will use if it I have to. Only on occasions, not continually, of course.
Interesting approach. To be honest, I think you're probably seeing more cognitive benefits from the extra water (2L is probably more than you'd drink if you weren't making a conscious effort) than the silica, but it's not a bad idea anyway.<br> <br> To those worried about aluminum intake from their cooking pans/utensils, it should be noted that <a href="http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10705162" rel="nofollow">your digestive tract actively excludes aluminum</a>, so even if any dissolves in your food or drink, the amount you'd pick up is negligible. &nbsp;The amount you absorb through your skin from using antiperspirants is <a href="http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11267710" rel="nofollow">even less</a>. &nbsp;Some important enzymes in your cells also need aluminum to function, so you don't want to be cutting it out of everything you use.<br> <br> Good instructable though!
Thanks for the feedback. What cell enzymes use aluminum? I'd like to hear more about that.<br><br>
Most notably succinate dehydrogenase and alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase, which are both involved in making energy for your cells. The research is still fairly preliminary, but it seems that these function best with a little bit of aluminum. There may be a connection between these enzymes and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, but no one is quite sure yet. It could be that too much aluminum makes these enzymes produce too many oxidants, or it could be that something going wrong elsewhere in the cell cycle causes aluminum to build up as a result. Interesting area of research.
Could you supply some sources for further reading? Thank you
I can't find any that aren't behind a paywall, but I can dig up a few citations if you would like.
sure why not, it could be interesting
Yes, the water intake is hugely helpful in and of itself, but I was already an avid water drinker so therefore was able to distinctly notice a big difference after adding the silica in my general cognitive functioning. Anyway, thanks for reading through it.
Very anecdotal and a clear case of how placebo and confirmation bias works.
You said it. <br> <br>Not having a control is a slight problem.
Of course, one should always look to the Home Remedy contest for the latest in rigorous scientific discovery.
Sorry, I don't have any scientifically validated proof that it works. Anecdotal is all I have I'm afraid. I understand there are studies going on. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22763878. Maybe one day we can look back on this subject and laugh or cry and exchange I-told-you-so's in the reassuring light of hindsight bias.
Presumably this will have the most significant effect on those with a source of aluminium in their diet, such as aluminium saucepans...? <br> <br>If, like me, you have no aluminium utensils, no aluminium in the water supply, will this have a noticeable result? <br>
Well, I have heard that aluminum salts (alum) are used in antiperspirants, antacids, also sunscreens, and frequently used in water purification plant processes. The most notorious source is in vaccinations where alum is used as an adjuvant.
I know for a fact that the vaccination one is pure scare-mongering by the anti-vaccination campaigners. Even those vaccines that do contain aluminium contain it in only trace amounts, and are given only once. If the constant application of antiperspirants is only *suspected* to be linked to degeneration of neurons, by a minority of campaigners, then the vanishingly small traces in vaccines can be ignored. <br> <br>On top of all that, aluminium is no longer suspected (by those who research it) of being linked to alzheimers. For instance, an accident at a water plant several years ago accidentally dumped aluminium compounds into the drinking supply of a small town (the aluminium compounds are cleaning agents, not used on the drinking side of the system). They dumped so much that people's hair turned green with the accumulation of aluminium compounds in their body, but the rate of neurodegenerative conditions in the town remains unchanged.
Just to make it even more clear, I'm not advocating that anyone skip their vaccinations, only that this researcher suggests that drinking mineral water with high amounts of bioavailable silicic acid can help the body excrete aluminum.
I didn't think you were, but there are folk out there who will grasp any straw to make their case. <br> <br>Take this comnent from a blogger campaigning against measles vaccinations:
I haven't been following that whole media thread, but it strikes me as lunacy that anyone would want to skip significant vaccinations. I do know it's a hot topic right now and I will probably have to dampen down a few more flames before the week is out. <br> <br>Similarly for deodorant, even the lecturer admits he will not give that up, as there isn't a satisfactory substitute. I've been trying Tom's aluminum free version which has some modest efficacy, but it doesn't hold a candle to the alum based ones.
As long as the spray contains no &quot;nano&quot; particles, I do not think there is a risk of them penetrating the skin anyway. Just hold your breath while you spray.
I'm assuming you're referring to the <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camelford_water_pollution_incident" rel="nofollow">Camelford water pollution incident</a>? According to wikipedia, there were adverse affects in the long term for some residents there, anecdotally reported at least.<br> <br> Anyway, I have absolutely no clue, so everyone must manage their own mileage when it comes to advice they find on the internet.&nbsp;<br> <br> Perhaps you're absolutely right and there's nothing to fear from aluminum accumulating in the body.&nbsp; In which case, you can carry on as you were.<br> <br>

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