Homemade Air Battery





Introduction: Homemade Air Battery

this is a very powerful aluminum air battery.Everything i used i found for free or saved things from the trash!
1.aluminum wire..kind used for electricity..but any aluminum can be used.
2.Copper wire..any kind can be used but i like a thicker kind.
3. a glass or plastic jar but the lid has to be plastic so it does not short out the battery.
4. solar lights is an easy thing to power from this..but be inventive this thing is pretty powerfull , it can charge batterys.
5.use bolts for your terminals trough the lid of jar.
6. drain cleaner and a bottle of water.this will be your electrolyte, use just a bit of drain cleaner mixed with water, to much and it will eat your aluminum quickly.play around with mixtures to get best results cause they all work !
7. your solar lights will have solar panel wires and battery wires..attach negitive battery wire to aluminum and positive to copper
8.make sure you shake your bottle of water for a minute or so to infuse oxygen
10.this can last for weeks. to recharge,drain electrolye and shake in bottle to infuse air.



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    Yeah I've tried that but it tends to stop the "flow" after it's used up, just shaking it back up makes it last a lot longer

    add h2o2 or knor to increase oxygen in the water

    It wasn't private when I posted this.. It's just bad ! I want to redo this instruct able ,so I apologize !

    Why post a private video?

    @healthbar64..the jar is the air battery. you need air..oxygen..for the electrolyte..draino to be able to strip the aluminum of its electrons and tranfer them to the copper..so when the lit dims, you pour the solution into a bottle and shake it up for a few..that oxygenates the solution again and the light becomes brighter. thank you for your question

    very nice, but where does the air battery come in?

    @grannyjones..i have no idea. i have no voltmeter or multimeter..i did use my tounge though...not even a tickle !

    I think it's a good idea.
    how many volts and amps does it put out?
    Just think canning electricity.

    im sorry i was trying to hurry so i could meet the deadline for a contest..lol i was rejected..oh well still it was a fun one hour. yes i will do a step by step soon because i kept saying survival and i was thinking emergency...!!! thank you for your comments !