Homemade and Non-toxic Flea Repelent.





Introduction: Homemade and Non-toxic Flea Repelent.

put unused green tea bags in your pillow cases,under couch,in dog beds,cat beds,closets, and on your A-C vents....the air will push the smell from the tea bag around the house to repel fleas and give your house a fresh fragrence.

i am going to be a vet one day so i know a lot about animals,so if you have any more questions on how to get rid of fleas just ask.

i aprove this brand of tea...(premium bigelow green tea) its 100% all natural.

ANY QUESTIONS or CONCERNS ? just ask below



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    serious issue with fleas on felines. will not use chemicals. can not and will not bomb house. if i spray green tea on all cats every day and spray all over home evry day...will i get rid of these fleas. 3 of the fur babies allergic and have skin rash and i dont want to use apple cider vinegar cause it will burn the rash and sores. so ...if i use and spray this on their bodies will it get rid of fleas and speed up healing ? intuition told me of green tea ; )

    do you spray this directly on your dogs, have 2.

    do you spray this directly on your dogs, have 2.

    Hi my name is Sharon I have 3 loving dogs, I live in NC we have had a terrible time with fleas this year, I use Frontline but its not working, Im on SS so I cant go back and forth to vet, can you please give some ideas (homemade) that I could use??? Also my 11 year ols has an extreme allergy to fleas his skin is bad..

    Hello pianolover! I have 3 dogs & a cat that all fleas, I was wondering if you could send me a message or comment on some other ways I can get rid of the fleas too? I'd really appreciate it :)

    if you go on my page I have lots of ways to repel and kill fleas

    Can you use regular tea bags? Thanks

    yes but this wont repel fleas, but this will still make your house smell good