It's very easy to make.

All you need is

  • 1x bluetooth receiver
  • 1x usb powered speakers
  • 1x usb power bank and
  • 1x 3.5mm female to female coupler

Step 1: Build

  1. connect the bluetooth receiver to the 3.5mm female to female coupler
  2. connect the 3.5mm female to female coupler to the usb powered speakers
  3. connect the usb powered speakers to the power bank
  4. fix everything together (e.g. super glue)

<p>thinking of making it with same working in a box.like bose soundlink mini :)</p>
<p>Great!<br>Bluetooth receiver is rechargeable?</p><p>Thank...</p>
<p>They look so great, and sound great too judging by your video. Thanks for sharing!</p>
Wall-E! <br>
just a thought since these seems very good for outdoor events, putting some solar cells across the top might be a good way to extend its life considerably. <br><br>Very cool though, good thinking.

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