if made properly it can shoot through drywall, wood even skin! so dont shoot this at anyone. im not responsible for what you do with this. Supplies- Duct tape, plywood, rubberbands(depends on size of stick) drill, skewers
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
duct tape

Step 2: Link together rubber bands

Picture of link together rubber bands
tie them togher like this

Step 3: Drill

Picture of Drill
Drill a hole in the ply wood

Step 4: Tape

Picture of tape
Duct tape the rubber band to the ends of the plywood

Step 5: Pull back to shoot

Picture of pull back to shoot
put arrow through hole and shoot

Step 6: Use the skewers as arrows

Picture of use the skewers as arrows
pull back all the way for best results. hold at bottom.
These instructions are nice but that bow looks ugly. No offense, dude.