Introduction: Homemade Cd Case

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this home made cd case is just trial work, coz ive got no materials available, so i just used stuff from home.

Step 1: Materials

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1.plastic individual cd cases. (you can buy them by the dozen)
2.transparent tape
3. Illustration board or maybe a hard plastic sheet
4. any string. as long as it is strong
5. Power Drill.
6. paper cutter or scissors.

stack all the cd cases together with the base facing down. place together the base side of one cd to the cover side of the other cd case.

Step 2: Taping Together

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using a transparent tape, stick together both base side of the 1st cd case and cover side of the other case. stick together the sides that are not secure.

Step 3: Stick Together the Lower Side of the Case

Picture of Stick Together the Lower Side of the Case

after you have taped together the outer section, tape the remaining section under the case

Step 4: Do the Same to the Other Cd Cases

Picture of Do the Same to the Other Cd Cases

you finish all the cd cases by sticking all of them together. until it looks like this.

Step 5: Drill

Picture of Drill

using a power drill, make a small hole on the outer sides of the end of all the cases. if you don't have any drill, try heating a small nail, and place a hole, by burning the plastic.

Step 6: Tracing on the Illustration Board

Picture of Tracing on the Illustration Board

lay flat the cases on the illustration board with both ends facing down. and trace it with a pencil.

Step 7: Cut

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after tracing, cut what you traced with a paper cutter or maybe scissors.

by giving a little allowance, maybe half an inch on all sides.

Step 8: String

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place a string on all the holes you drilled, and make a knot. finish


theRIAA (author)2006-12-06

whats a cd?

pcneifert (author)theRIAA2007-10-07

the round things you stick into you dvd player or computer

theRIAA (author)pcneifert2007-10-10


pcneifert (author)theRIAA2007-10-18


matt 1992 (author)2007-06-14

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha lol lmao rofl roflmao lmfao ( haha i think u get the picture theRIAA) anyway awsum proj im making 1 ryt now

karen608 (author)2006-12-06

Maybe instead of tying the cases to the cover, you could glue them on. Liked the colorful cases!

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