Picture of homemade chicken coop
now I wasn't planning to do an instructable on this at the time of building, so some steps may be missing, but you will get the general idea. basically this is my homemade chicken coop. I have no wood working skills, and basic tools, my most advanced tools are a table circular saw, and a dremel, I also borrowed a jigsaw from the neighbor. the wood I used came from an old tree house that I took apart, although I did have to buy a few extras to complete the project. now if your pondering the idea of building a chicken coop, my advice to you is to just get stuck in, I looked for ages on the internet for designs I liked, and not finding exactly what worked for me I just said screw it and went outside and started putting it together. I was nervous that I didn't have the skills to do this, but now all is said and done I will say to anyone, just push through that doubt and you will get it done. this is by no means top of the line, top quality workmanship lol, but it serves its purpose.
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Step 1: Let's begin.

Picture of let's begin.
OK, now I'm not gonna give you dimensions, as this will all depend on how many chickens you have, but the total size of mine for my 5 chickens is, 5' x 5' for the inside area, and 10' x 5' for the outside area. total height is about 5-1/2'.

Step 2: Framing

Picture of framing
OK, let's get started. first I build 2, 5'x5'frames which I then mounted to 4, 4"x4" posts of approximately 5' in height. this was my main starting structure. I placed the first frame at 2-1/2' and the second flush (level) with the top. ( these were all attached with 3" screws.
dani.malik5 months ago

Great job! I'm going to try it :)

dani.malik5 months ago

Great job! I'm going to try it :)

KCSCAMP1 year ago

I like it...
I want to make something similar for some outside kittys
I'd need a floor or something they couldn't find a way out of...
moving to different state and taking my 3 outside cats with me...don't want them to run away before they acclimate to being moved 1000 miles away from home.

hundredreas0ns (author)  KCSCAMP1 year ago
im sure you will figure something out, i was lucky enough with this that i had most of the materials from an old treehouse i dismantled. good luck on your project. let us know how it goes.
good job. looks awesome. hope this works out well for you merry christmas
hundredreas0ns (author)  charlie13231 year ago
Yeah, been working perfect thanks, hope you had an awesome Christmas.
This is great! I put together a chicken tractor myself but am considering a more permanent coop. I like all the open space under the nesting box!
hundredreas0ns (author)  RG_on_the_move1 year ago
Thanks for your project, yeah this design worked best for what I wanted, I'm sure their are a million good ways to construct 1 though, the chicken tractor sounds cool.