Picture of homemade cross bow
In this tutorial I will show you how to make a fully functioning quite powerful crossbow. this crossbow has the capabilities of shooting sharpened lengths of dowel over 20m. do not point at anyone or use this inappropriately.
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Step 1: Shaping the stock

firstly you must design the outline of the stock used for the main handle of the crossbow. once you have designed the outline, draw it onto the wood and carefully cut around the outside of the line with the jig saw cutter I have used two sheets of 19mm ply (as this was the only material I had available at the time) and screwed them together.

Step 2: Crossbow prod

Picture of crossbow prod
the prod is the part at the front of the bow that stores the energy in the timber limbs when the string is pulled back. this is made from a flexible 5mm craft wood that I purchased from the local timber seller. I have cut the strips of wood into 3 different sizes, the cutting list is as follows: 2 @ 500mm 2 @ 350mm 2 @ 200mm the prod is tapered outward so that the smaller lengths are on the inside and the longer lengths are at the back this helps when it comes to storing energy and efficiency of energy transfer to the arrow (bolt). with the stock cut out and shaped I have cut a square hole at the front of the stock which the prod can simply slide through, now pre-drilling a hole through the end of the stock and through the centre of the prod, this allowing us now to drive a screw that will hold the prod in place.
colonelb31 year ago
Hey thats awesome! I was thinking if u could add a trigger that would help but thats awesome. Great job.
billstar414 (author) 1 year ago
yes that may work, but over a short period of time the screws threads will wear down the rope, and also the screw will eventually bend and snap. thank you for your contribution.
Geoffers1 year ago
I think if you put a long screw just where the string is when ready to fire if you push up from the bottom then it should fire
billstar414 (author) 1 year ago
I'm sure there's a way of making a trigger, it would require a shaped piece of steel or plastic attached to a tension spring, and I'm sure if you use different materials for the "prod" and the stock it would do such tasks. and mythbusters1633 I will try and upload a video in the near future!
Ringer16331 year ago
nice. can you upload a video of it shooting?
Geoffers1 year ago
Is it powerful enough to kill a rabbit
Geoffers1 year ago
Can you make a trigger and don't you need to be able to put it into your shoulder to fire.
billstar414 (author) 2 years ago
I struggled to explain this bit. I will update this section of the tutorial
rimar20002 years ago
Nice design. What type of wood used you?

I would like more details about the slider for the arrow.