Introduction: Homemade Digital Stereo to 2.1 Splitter Using Ic PT2353

this circuit can be used in assembeled home threatare, boom boxes,car audio etc

Step 1: Gather the Parts

pt2353 ic- 1 ( indians can buy it from here:- )

perforated circuit board- 1

tactile switches-- 6


C - 20nf (203)- 4

C1 - 100nf (104) - 1

C2 - 47nf (473) - 1

10uf - 5

8200pf - 2

0.33uf -2

100uf -2

22uf - 1


100K - 3

2.2K - 2

220E - 2

33K - 1

10K -2


led ( any color)



soldering iron and solder wire

Step 2: Construct the Circuit As Given in the Diagram

ref voltage is 1/2 of vcc which can be obtained by using two resistor potential devider

assemble the keypad on separate perforated board so it can be mounted separately

you can also add a voltage regulator circuit if power supply is higher than 12 volts (9 volts is recomented)

forgive me for my bad english ( its not my native language)

Step 3: Buy It Fully Assembeled or As a Kit ( Only for Indians)

Step 4: Use It


tomatoskins (author)2015-04-21

I love making my own homemade stuff like this. Great project!

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