Step 3: the "dry shampoo for dark hair" recipe

I have really dark hair, so this is my go-to recipe. You can add more or less cocoa powder as needed - I use two tablespoons every time:
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
Mix everything together in a small jar and you're ready to go. Special bonus with this one: smelling like chocolate. :D

Just be careful that you you don't add so much cocoa powder that it gets really dark - you need to keep the amount of cocoa powder less than the amount of cornstarch and baking soda, otherwise the heat from your hands and head can warm the cocoa powder and create a melty mess.
This works great! I find using a powder brush is great to apply the powder to my hair :)
<p>I've been using this for a few years since they had someone demo this at Whole Foods. Bye, Bye $30 Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo. I add 2 drops of lavender oil and keep this in my gym bag. I also carry this backpacking, put it in your hair at night and you sleep more peacefully on the trail because of the lavender.</p>
<p>I had ear surgery last week and cannot get my head wet. My hair was looking pretty bad after just a few days but this stuff works surprisingly well. Thank you!</p>
<p>This works perfectly! I love it! I used a tablespoon or two of cinnamon instead of cocoa powder because i have faded purple hair, and it worked great! My hair doesnt feel or look greasy anymore, it looks thicker!</p>
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This works good! I'm blonde, so I used the baking soda/corn starch mixture (no cocoa or cinnamon). I keep my home made air freshener/carpet fresh in the living room in an ornamental clay pot with a lid. It consists of corn starch, baking soda and rose/sandalwood essential oil so I added a 1/2 teaspoon of that for a nice scent. I'll make my next batch with lavender oil.
I have red hair so instead of just cocoa powder i add in cinnamon. Still smells great.
<p>what if we dont have all of the stuff and dont really have the money to buy it then what???</p>
<p>its cheaper then regular dry shampoo.</p>
<p>this shouldn't cost you more than couple bucks for probably more than 10 applications. cheaper than that would be just rinsing with water? </p>
<p>This appears to be a great recipe for dry shampoo. I made it for dark hair (with cocoa) and just used it on my hair that I haven't washed in 2+ days...my hair was looking a little oily, but right now, after I rubbed in 1/2 teaspoon of the dry shampoo, it looks great. I'm going backpacking next week and I'm feeling optimistic that this dry shampoo will keep my hair in decent shape while I'm w/o regular bathroom facilities. YAY!!!</p>
<p>That sounds amazing thanks! </p>
<p>What do you use if you have red hair? </p>
Cinnamon? It might work:)
<p>Go online and buy some Mineral powder that is reddish. Also cocoa powder is reddish brown so mix a little in there unless your hair is really light. You can get any number of colors in mineral powder. (yellow, brown, red, black) For my light ash brown hair I use mostly cocoa powder a little oat flour and 2 or 3 caps of activated charcoal and that is a good match for my hair. You may have to experiment. I don't put too much on. I use a dedicated make up brush and apply it at the roots under the top layer of hair. It works by slowly absorbing oil so you don't need so much that your hair looks dry or dusty. </p>
Thank you so much iu will give it a go :-0)
I put this inside an old loose powder makeup container. I would then take a powder brush and lightly dab some on my roots and blend it in. I have dark hair, so I used the dark hair one. :)
<p>I think I'm going to give this a try, but with a small addition: finly ground oatmeal.</p>
<p>This is a good idea. How is the oatmeal working out?</p>
I couldn't get mine ground fine enough. Need to break out a mortar and pestle.
<p>This is a great recipe, thanks so much! On a whim, I added a tablespoon-ish of finely ground lavender flowers (had ground them into dust, basically) just to see how that would work. It's nice, and adds a fantastic lavender scent. Thanks again for posting this one.</p>
<p>For all you lighter-haired girls, substitute some of the corn starch for finely ground corn meal, then you will get some golden color, even with a little added cocoa, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, clove or allspice added ( all of which add fragrance). Just eyeball it or experiment till ya get it right, don't be afraid, it's all organic!</p>
Cool! Any ideas on something cheap you could add to give it SPF? I've sometimes tried dusting on a little mineral makeup powder (like bare minerals mineral veil), but I'm not sure how effective it is, and it shows in my dark hair. Might try mixing the mineral makeup with cocoa! But a less expensive option would be nice.
http://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Sunscreen/ <br /> <br />Try looking there! Scoochmaroo made her own sunscreen - you might be able to mix in some of her ingredients. She used micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide - they're powders so it should be easy to add. :)
<p>That is a really bad idea...zinc oxide for one should not be breathed in as a powder as it can be very harmful! Therefore using it in powder form as a dry shampoo on your head near your airways is harmful. Even when using zinc oxide to make sunscreen, caution must be taken when stirring in but once mixed the risk is gone because it is no longer a powder!</p>
Cool, thanks!
<p>ew go away.</p>
Hair is dead protein, why would you need to have sun protection in a hair product?
<p>i know this is a year old, but i have to reply, lol...the spf isn't for the hair, it's for the scalp! :D i'm one of those fair/blonde/curly girls, with hair too curly/fine to wear any way but short/very short, and scalp sunburn is seriously unpleasant, lol!! and yeah, i did see that others have said the same, but i just felt compelled to reply...lol!! ;D</p>
<p>Gotcha thanks for the explanation. I have very thick black hair so that would not have occurred to me. The only time I've bothered about hair products with SPF is when I colour it to prevent the colour from fading.</p>
<p>I honestly can't think of anything else that would work for adding to the dry shampoo though unless you can find a way to make titanium dioxide or zinc oxide powder stick to your hair and it might make an ugly white coating on your hair. I believe other SPF chemicals are in a liquid form which wouldn't work with the dry shampoo concept.</p>
Dead things can't renew like live things do, so sometimes they need even more protection than live things do.
There are two good reasons.....one is that it would land on your scalp, which, being skin, is subject to sunburn.....and if your hair is coloured, it will help protect it against fading.
The scalp underneath can still burn. For those of us with thin hair, a dry option for sunscreen would be awesome.
It would be for the scalp. Have you ever gotten a sunburn along your part? It is not pleasant. (And neither is putting greasy sunscreen in your hair! :-) )
<p>bare mineral make up can have toxic stuff in it. if u dont believe me look them up.</p>
Just tried this... I've been dealing with frizzy oily hair lately and put this in. Suddenly no frizz and hair feels fresh yay!
My wife has black hair, do i need to add other ingredients?
<p>No, use cinnamon and cocoa, it works!</p>
I just tried this out cause I have been looking for a way to get rid of the oily smell and it works!<br>Also I used it with cinnamon because I love the smell, I even put cinnamon in coffe:) and it worked well for me. My hair is a dark shade of auburn, so the red tones worked better for me. <br>Thanks for the baking soda tip!
Thank you so much for this tutorial! I just tried this out this morning and it worked out beautifully. Thanks for giving me an anti-anxiety proof way of dry shampooing my hair.
<p>Oh yay! I'm so happy to hear it!!</p><p>This dry shampoo is definitely one of my very favorite things :D</p>
<p>This is such a good idea. Saves a lot of water too! I don't know if many of you remember when women brushed their hair 100 strokes a night....no only to distribute body's natural oils but to brush dirt out of you hair. I am middle aged, and used to wash my hair everyday.....but last winter, my skin became so dry, I couldn't shower daily (Nothing helped!) However the condition of my hair really improved. Im going to add some fragrance, so my hair smells nice.</p>
How often do you use it?
<p>Really only when I need it - probably a 1-2 times a week. :)</p><p>If I know I won't have time to wash my hair the next morning, I'll put it in at night. Or if I wake up and just don't feel like washing, I'll use it in the morning. </p>
Does it really clean ur hair
<p>Doesn't really clean it - just soaks up the excess oil so you can skip a wash!</p>
<p>Would it work with cinnamon powder?</p>
<p>I've heard of folks doing this, but I've never tried it myself! I'm not sure it'd be entirely comfortable to do because the cinnamon smells so strongly, but it couldn't hurt to try a bit. :)</p>
<p>Not the OP, but I think cinnamon would irritate your scalp.</p>

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