Picture of homemade electromagnet
quick, just 30 sec. project(if i can call it "project")
things you will need :
 -1.5 volt AA battery
 - copper wire
 -nail or screw

first  take a wire and wrap it arround the screw
 take one end of wire and tape it to + end of battery , and  2nd end of fire and tape it to - end of battery
and there you have it, your homemade,simple,easy,..... electromagnet

Where is the fire?

I want to use use this to make a magnet glove to force things to me
kbeedle2 years ago
Alright it was a cool variable though
kbeedle2 years ago
I tried this everything the same except a different metal wire and i noticed it didnt work and set it down and after about 30 secs i picked it up and it was super hot!! I dissabled it and put it in cool water but any longer and it could have set in fire!
tealk (author)  kbeedle2 years ago
i dont know how it happen. mine was cold . ( i should try to power it with 6v adapter , so if its get hot i will let you know)