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Introduction: Homemade Electronic Drumkit

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this is my electronic drum-kit. I bought it from a mexican traveler, that was moving to portugal. the module is an alesis dm5, the main frame is a yamaha ( how do you call it? let's say.. pipe structure) everything else was homemade by the mexican guy.

I've since adding my own mods and tweaks to make it more comfortable, mostly with scrap materials and parts.



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    how well do the record cymbals hold up? im thinking of using records for cymbals but if theyre gonna break very quickly im not sure. i was also thinking of hot gluing some thin foam(like the stuff those cheap crowns are made of) over it to strengthen and silence them.

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    well, I tried puting the records alone, but they shatter away with the first real hits (when you're done testing and start playing for real). Now, with the 5mm plywood they hold up great. I've thougt about the foam/rubber, It would silence them, yes, but it would ruin the looks. your call I guess. The records alone are not too noisy thoug.

    thanks for your response! i actually couldnt find any records in the collection that werent awesome so i found some plastic plates(4 for $1) that im going to try. *crosses fingers*

    Can you detail which parts are "my own mods and tweaks"

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    Shure, no peavey. (see what I did there? :P)

    basically, all the cymbal pads, the footpedals, the module clamp ( it's from a TV-VCR holder) the connection from the pads to the pipes, and the pvc arms for the Hi-Hat and Ride. I also changed the type of jack used in the pads ( was RCA, then an adaptor to fit the plug cable, I just changed it for a plug female)

    except por the module and pipe structure, everything was homemade by the other guy when I bought it, but many things were weak and not practical at all. everything kept falling apart. now it's a little more sturdy.