You need

  • 2K epoxy
  • glow in the dark powder
  • glass fiber fabric

You can use G10/micarta for knife handles /scales

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Step 1: Laminating

Picture of Laminating
Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-20 um 22.54.19.png

  1. mix 2k epoxy with glow in the dark powder
  2. laminate glass fiber fabric
  3. press it for 24 hours

calskin6 months ago

Thanks for sharing this. It's inspired me to make my own scales.

How bright does this get? I want something as bright as possible so that if I set my knife down in the dark while camping in the fall, it'll be easy to spot.

I don't know how to qualify, how bright is bright, but is it something like the attatched image?

seamster9 months ago

Interesting. What do you use this for?

Unboxingexperience7 (author)  seamster9 months ago
You can use it for knife scales / handles