Introduction: Homemade Glowing Water and Glowing Stick

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Haloween is getting near so I decided to make a glowing sticks out of pen

Step 1: Materials

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you'll need is highlighter, hbw pen (or any pen), sealant, UV light, cup, water

Step 2: Highlighter

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get your highlighter

Step 3: Uv LIGHT

Picture of Uv LIGHT

get your uv light and put it on the side of the water

Step 4: Chemistry

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get your highlighter and mixed up with water then wait until the water glow

Step 5: Almost Done

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this is what it looks like but my glowing water is not glowy so i decided to put uv light later when it transfer in a pen

Step 6: Transfer

Picture of Transfer

transfer the water in the pen

Step 7: Sealant

Picture of Sealant

get your sealant and by the way you can buy this at hardware this is a never wet material

Step 8: Squeeze IT

Picture of Squeeze IT

squeeze the sealant until comes up

Step 9: Apply

Picture of Apply

apply the sealant into the pen so the glowing water will never spill

Step 10: Not Working?

Picture of Not Working?

put the uv light in the side so the water glow

Step 11: Much Better

Picture of Much Better

this is what it looks like this can glow in the dark


aspiretech (author)2013-11-16

yes because my uv light is not enough to make it brighter

Navyseal6 (author)2013-10-22

Is there a way to make it brighter

aspiretech (author)2013-09-25

to save money and recycle

ILoveLights (author)2013-09-24

This is cool, but why all the hassle when good quality glow sticks are only 1$?

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