here's the pizza!

Step 1: Ingredients

siracha sauce, garlic powder, oregano, Italian seasoning, flat-bread things, mozzarella cheese

Step 2: Crisp Up DAT Crust!

turn on stove to medium and flip on the flat bread, until cripy

Step 3: Make the Sauce

mix together siracha, and all the spices

Step 4: Sauce It Up!

add sauce to flat bread and spread

Step 5: Cheese It Up

put cheese on pizza

Step 6: Melt Cheese!

put in microwave for 30 seconds (more or less depending on microwave)

Step 7: Done!

enjoy this spicy pizza! forgot to say, before cooking you can add any of your favorite toppings! (cook toppings slightly before adding to pizza) please comment and tell me how you like it!
<p>Nice and simple pizza! Thanks for these ideas!</p>
thanks! I'm going to make an instructable tonight on how to make dark chocolate ice cream!

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Bio: im some random kid from Iowa that likes to do lots of fun things.
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