Picture of homemade mouse trap ( cheap and easy )
this is the lowest costing mouse trap you could possiblly make. it doesnt hurt if it snaps on you.

what you need:
a minimum of 3 rubberbands
an altoids tin
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Step 1: Making it

Picture of making it
this is the easiest thing you counld make on instructables.

put the rubberbands around the CLOSED altoids tin. put them equaily apart. open the tin

Step 2: The trickiest part

Picture of the trickiest part
open the tin. push the lid down past its point a little bit. it will be a bit trick to get set. once its done, it should stay open untill...

P.S. dont forget to put food in it...

Step 3: SNAP!!!!

when something goes to get the food, it has to mess with the rubberbands. this sets of the trap.
Awesome thanks a bunch man finally gonna catch that pest Jerry he's been a problem for quite some time now, I hope this works. I got my fingers crossed
tperrette4 years ago
sharpen the lid and it is a rodent guillotine
Mouse: Gosh I'm hungry. *Gasp* Donuts!! Yeah, baby!! Now if I just get these stretchy things out of the way...


dodo91 (author)  tperrette3 years ago
... but sometime the lid snaps on your hand when setting it..... which if sharpened, could seriously hurt you...
Bongmaster6 years ago
it looks liek it will prolly only be efective in scaring the mouse to death rather than trapping it ;) has it been tested at all?
no I tried it and it it could have broke my hand and it hurts like h**l
dodo91 (author)  Bongmaster4 years ago
it hasnt been tested, cause we dont get mice where i live
dont type like that. Typing like that only belongs on one site:
if u are refering to the liek word its a keyslip. i dont type like that normally ;) my fingers type too fast for the keyboard and i make many mistakes :P
i do aswell
And so do lolcats... ZZZZ
I think you are a genius. All your projects are great!
Me too
Gunner 34 years ago
i filled it with thumb tacks sticking up.... it makes a good booby trap for me
hammer98765 years ago
You wanted comments, so here goes. Use photos that are clear and in focus, not fuzzy one. Hold that video camera still. The camera moves way too much.
dodo91 (author)  hammer98765 years ago
Thats becuse the camera i had was crap! It had no screen, so i had no idea if the shot was even accurate
Thanks for the inspiration! I used this concept for my "Altoids Catapult" Instructable.
Dutch19625 years ago
I think that may work! There are a lot of home made mouse traps and I've seen a bunch in my career but this is a first for me. Excellent job. Check these crazy ones out.
dodo91 (author) 6 years ago
thanks for the tips. PLZ VOTE FOR ME! i havnt hot a single vote yet.
Maybe that's because the contest says kid-friendly. I'm not sure killing mice is very kid-friendly.
dodo91 (author)  jimmy dean5 years ago
i dont want to kill animals! i just want them out of my space.
iectyx3c5 years ago
Got my VOTE. I tried it and it worked. I used raisins as bait. You can see that I punched air holes on the sides using a regular paper punch.
dodo91 (author)  iectyx3c5 years ago
Awesome! glas to see people making my ideas. and thanks for the vote. i tried to make the siplest thing here by using only four things. those are rubber bands and altoids tin. i saw it on my pool table and fiddled around. thats how i got this. the thing i like the most about this mouse trap is it dosnt hurt you and it dosnt kill the mice.
dodo91 (author) 5 years ago
oh, also... I won that gogurt sweepstakes, and my new camera came last thursday. yeah! now i can make better vids
dodo91 (author) 5 years ago
thanks for the comments. i love to hear what people like to say about my stuff, even if its bad. it lets me know what i need to fix.
i'm pretty sure that you're still going to end up killing it, but in a less humane way. instead of quickly, by using a conventional mousetrap, the mouse would endure a slow, painful death by suffocation and strangulation. at least, that's what i think
dodo91 (author)  DaPaulness3325 years ago
no. it traps it. then, i get it and let it free. I don't enjoy dead things. that's why the point of this is to keep it alive.
this thing wont even catch a mouse its kind of useless
Berserk875 years ago
kids love building/playing with mouse traps! ahah.
EthansDad6 years ago
Would not trap a curiously strong mouse.
However the tin had no problem holding curiously strong mints, so you never know, it might handle a curiously strong mouse. For bonus points, use a pair of tin snips to cut and fold out teeth from the lid and base.
i will try that
nice ones guys, lol
lllalllo6 years ago
The video doesn't work. Re-upload using File>Publish instead of File>Save or Save and quit options.
dodo91 (author)  lllalllo6 years ago
the video at the end is fixed. if its both vids your talking about, there might be somthing wrong with your computer. it works on mine, and its a dinosoar. everyone else hasnt metioned about it. check your computer for problems.
if it doesnt hurt you when it snaps it wont kill a mouse
dodo91 (author)  tmuterspaugh6 years ago
i dont enjoy dead things. this is to trap it, not kill it. no, its not tested. i say its more of a concept. you can make an easy thing you could buy with things around the house.