Homemade Nerf Streamline





Introduction: Homemade Nerf Streamline

About: Sorry about the oreo racecar joke/comment. It was uncalled for.

this is the easiest homemade streamline i've ever seen

1 rubber band
1 headless dart

Step 1: How to Make It

I feel it so easy that I don't need a picture.

1 take your headless dart and wrap the rubber band around the top of the headless dart.
2 load into your longshot clip(I haven't tried it in the reason)



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    for springs, lube, o rings, and metal replacement parts. Check out orangemodworks.com

    nice paintjob also what all did u do to ur ls as far as mods go because im thinking of doing something to my ls. and i need ideas.

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    i added an industrial spring and took out the air restricters

    just wondering where did you get the industrial spring

    cool what gave u the idea and are u thinking of modding ur ls in any way and if u are i can help out with most mods. if u need help

    this inspired me

    ya its a beast


    I saw that on Google.com did you?

    do u know the modder and if u dont check out what he does with most nerf guns that dude is awsome he is the first modder i saw oh did u see the epic longshot if not look up on youtube KNDOperative or epic ls

    try putting the little pistol barrel into the ls

    i like the paintjob

    Simple but cool idea, nice!

    Just take a "headless dart" and cut up little pieces of FBR or dead/torn up darts the width of say a pencil or a basic Papermate pen. Then stuff it about half a cm into the hollow part of the "headless dart". Now place 1-3 copper or whatever your preferred choice of weights and cover with a nice dome of hot glue. Stock stefans. Nice....... Now lather. Rinse. Repeat. And join my site (www.theinnercore.webs.com) for everything Nerf and much, much more. And do it NOW.

    Ill try it in the recon and report back