I kept seeing this homemade orange cleaner on pinterest and knew I had to try it. If you've seen my other instructable on green cleaning products, you know that I love cleaning with vinegar! However, it is stinky. 

This helps combat that problem. :D

I use vinegar on windows, and in the kitchen and bathroom. This orange cleaner is great for wiping down surfaces!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • a glass jar
  • citrus peels (I used two oranges, one grapefruit and one lemon)
  • white vinegar
  • a spray bottle
<p>well this was very interesting to know about the procedure. Instuctions is very easy and cheaper. If you want to buy cheap, ecofriendly orange cleaner degreasers you can follow the link below:-</p><br><br>http://mayflowerchemicals.com/orange-cleaner-degreaser-80-d-limonene/<br>
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<p>Made it with grapefruit peels (what I had) and love it. Thanks for the idea! May I also suggest some orange peels in a little olive oil...</p>
Thank you so much,! I started making this as soon as I read it and haven't looked back since. I've made some with lemons too. For the bathroom, I add a few drops of thieves essential oil for extra power.
<p>using the jar and a sauce pan you can heat up the mixture this will open the the peels releasing the oils quicker. </p><p>so basically fill mason jar with peels and vinegar, cover lightly, place jar in a sause pan, then bring water to boil, heat vineagr throughly til it simmers. remove from heat let cool. shake contents. wait 2 days. you can repeat the heating process to speed up absortion. Note: this will only speed things up by days. if the vinegar doesn't smell of cirtus it's not ready.</p>
<p>I blended the orange peels and vinegar in my Vitamix as an experiment. It smelled like an orange drink and I could barely smell any vinegar. Then I let it set for two months. However, you have to drain it. I used a nylon paint strainer. It is cheap and washes nicely. However, it left the vinegar a littIe filmy. I used it anyway. It cleans great but I had to wipe it down with water when using it on counter tops. But it did not matter when I used it in the bath tub.</p>
Thanks again...absolutely love this and will be making it
My wife is constantly looking for a window cleaner that will not streak, any suggestions?
I worked at a window-washing company for several summers: there's nothing that beats washing the window with soapy water (we used a water with a little dawn and a touch of ammonia) and then squeegie-ing the glass. Unger is a great brand for a squeegie.
Has she tried using news print to wipe with? If you don't get a newspaper, you can purchase newsprint tablets at most any craft or art store.
I have found it almost impossible to find a cleaner that doesn't streak, sunlight in the morning made them look even worse. I found a new method. I went to Homehardware (I live in Ontario) and bought a hand mop and hand squeegee in a kit and have never looked back. I use a mild solution of dish soap and warm water, lather up the window and squeegee and you'll be amazed how streak free they are and how little work it is to use this method. Good luck.
Spray with 50/50 white vinegar/water dilution, wipe with newspaper. <br>Do not clean windows in the sun (cleaner may dry too fast) <br>Wipe vertically inside, horizontally outside and you will be able to tell which side you might have left streakies on.
Does the orange stain at all?
I haven't had any problems with it yet and I live in an apartment with the most easily stained countertops ever. <br /> <br />I've also used it on my white painted walls with no issues. :)
Oh cool! Thanks! C:
I've inadvertantly left a similar mix for more than a few weeks (more like months!) and it thickens up a treat. Absolutely brilliant kitchen/bathroom cleaner. The uses for vinegar are nothing short of amazing.
That's awesome to know. I wasn't sure what the long term effects of leaving the peels in the vinegar would be. :D
This looks AWESOME! thanks so much.
Good going! I have a bunch of lemons I'm going to try this with. I think I will use my blender to chop/grind it all together so it takes less time to release the oils. Thanks!
What if you blend/mill it and them filter?
Ahhhh, that might work if you wanted some really quickly. :D Thank you, I didn't think of that!
Now I have my ticket to the IAC (International Anxious Convention) of 2020! ;)
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ok good luck with that i just looked it up.
Pardon, I barely understand &quot;official&quot; English, but popular expressions completely escape me.
Thanks for posting an easy recipe for an effective cleaning product.
I have these things! I can make this!

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