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Is your facial hair droopy and inexpressive? Do you need some curl in your world? Make this easy, inexpensive and nontoxic pomade today! Also usable on dreadlocks, mohawks, braids, and anything else you'd use wax or pomade for.

Step 1: Collect the Ingredients

You will need:

A. Beeswax. Find at a local craft store, hardware store (it's used to lubricate screws and threads), candle supply warehouse, or melt down some beeswax candles.

B. Olive oil. I guess you could use any oil, but this is safe to eat. A concern when it's right above your mouth.

C. Some kind of essential oil (for pleasant fragrance). I chose some fennel oil that my friend Dwayne gave us. Apparently it has some sort of health or aromatherapy benefit. Or something. Make sure it's not diluted with water or you will spend precious time waiting for the water to cook out.

D. A saucepan. Don't use a good one if you're messy. If you're clean, use whatever you want.

E. A glass jar that has a wide mouth.

F. A wire rack that fits in the saucepan. You can also jimmy-rig a tinfoil ring, or some clotheshangers, or whatever keeps the glass jar off the bottom of the saucepan.
I hv bought honey bee cold wax.. It says perfect for waxing arms, legs<br>Can this be used for making pomade?
<p>Very good instructable! Easy to follow and very useful.</p><p>Thanks for making it, my moustache is happy!<br><br>I wasn't sure if I can make only with bees wax and olive oil but you showed me it's possible.<br><br>On mine I used pure bees wax, the actual honeycomb(without the honey) that I got from someone who has bees. I think it still had bits of honey here and there, because when I melted it it had some dark particles which made a deposit on the bottom of the jar.</p>
You think you can use this recipe for your hair (Scalp)??
Put some in empty chapstick containers easy to carry with you.
that it awesome! i wish i'd thought of that, and barring that, i may have to go kill some chapstick to do it. thanks for the idea!

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