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i will show you how to make a homemade projector using mostly things you can find around the house. (remember to read the whole thing before you start because i am adding new info at the end as i learn more, im a beginner 2)

Step 1: What you will need

Picture of what you will need
you will need a large cardboard box, i used a cornflake box, you need a fresnel lens and a regular magnified glass i found the fresnel lens at a shop advertised as (credit card sized magnifier) for about 5 bucks and the magnified glass should be about 2inches across, you also need a bright light, the brighter the better but led is good because it needs to be cool or else you will cook the lcd i got the lcd from ebay for $28.00 and it allows you to plug anything into it. you will need a round cylender the same width as the magnified glass (i used pringles chip container) the last few things you will need are aluminum foil ,tape and scissors.
i bought that square looking led light of ebay for $20 but i cant use it yet because it needs a heat sink and fan, the other one runs cooler. 12v

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vishus4 months ago


i want to try it. but i want something different type of LED bulb ussing for this..


avasil6 months ago
Where did you get the screen
adelmotte2 years ago
how do you connect the lcd to a computer?
I have bought a 2.5 inch lcd, a VGA to RCA converter box but the resolutions aren't compatible (2.5 inch lcd from ebay have resolutions of about 320*240 and VGA to RCA converter from ebay begins at resolution 800 * 600)
hey is it necessary to use fresenel lens
can i use anything else
plzzzz help
how much distance can it cover from wall
plz answer
ch zain2 years ago
is this lcd connect to computer plz tell me............!!!!
ch zain2 years ago
If i can not use the condensor lense this create a problem or not..............
Hey, haha I know like many people have asked how you power the LED and stuff but I dont really get it :/ Like Im pretty clueless how a LED driver and all actually works haha, and how do you actually plug in a old portable dvd player charger to the LED (or whatever you actually do??) Im thinking of just plugging it into a normal wall plug???

So, PLEASEEE enlighten me hahaha thanks a lot a lot this is damn cool and I'm already halfway buying all the materials! just dont get the LED part!! Thanks!! :)
nikx2 years ago
is there an available diagram and components used for this project???? this projector is very useful..
Frankzgreat2 years ago
how do you allow the light to penetrate? i wanan test it on a clock lcd
What kind of projector is this? Could it project a movie/vid, or just a still image?
porkypinekiwi (author)  supreme-ette4 years ago
well you can either make an old fashioned slide machine or you can use an lcd screen like i did and all it does is makes the screen bigger so yes you can watch movies on it!
could i connect this with my mobile phone to see movies from my cell.. ?
porkypinekiwi (author)  supreme-ette4 years ago
its an lcd screen with composite cables (red white and yellow) so yea video, image and music!
Could I get that type of LCD from an out of used digital camera?
you need an LCD panel which will take the type of video signal you wish to use it with - so, if you want to project Television, your LCD panel will probably come from a miniature LCD TV which has a Scart socket on it, or if you want to project a computer screen, your LCD panel will have to come from a flat-screen computer monitor.

Unfortunately, this does usually mean taking some expensive equipment apart - like a TV or computer monitor! - but the good news is that you could use equipment that isn't working properly. Look for a computer monitor with a broken backlight, because you don't need that part to use it for this build.
Adnan Fahim2 years ago
I can'nt understand.
mthomas263 years ago
Does it have to be a reverse lcd or does it matter?
porkypinekiwi (author)  mthomas263 years ago
no, it can be any lcd or see-through screen, but the smaller the better.
is it available to use lcd out of an iphone3gs? because thats the smaller lcd that i got.
aismail73 years ago
could i use a 12v flash light instead
aismail73 years ago
does the pringels bottel come in a certian size or regularly
I am in the process of attempting the same project.
Yours is amazing.
I am using a sprint pocket pc with a touch screen so it might be a problem accessing media but it will do.
I just had a few questions?
DO i need a frensel lens?
What kind of light should i use? (how bright?)
can i use a slr camera lens instead of the magnifying glass u used in the front?
and please help me!
porkypinekiwi (author)  booliminator3 years ago
I seem to be getting alot of questions about the fresnel lense. so mabye you dont need it? just experiment with it, as i did. but about the light, you want to use one that doesnt produce very much heat, such as an LED because that will quickley destroy your screen. but you also want to get the brighitest light you possibly can, it will never be too bright.
Do I have to use the frensel lens or can I do it with out it?
what does the frensel lens do?
I was wondering the same!
It doesnt seem to be required because of its placement... i Guess?
Dont trust me thou!
katareprat4 years ago
Awesome ! It inspired me to make my own one too :)
I'm currently looking for a fresnel lens. Can you please tell me if this one could do :

there's also a bigger one :

I'm asking as my LCD size is different from BOTH of these..so I've no idea if these lenses will or will not do

Thanks for the wonderful 'ible !!:)
porkypinekiwi (author)  katareprat4 years ago
i dont think the first one will work, i used this (link below) you only need one but it comes with 2 and you just cut it down to match the size of your lcd screen. http://www.amazon.com/Pack-Page-Size-Magnifying-Sheet/dp/B001NDLUQQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1307781154&sr=8-1
alrite. Although I live in India and hence can't afford the one you suggested,I do understand that buying a lens bigger than the screen should not be a problem. So will try to find one !! Thank you !!
Katareprat, it is very easy to get Fresnel lenses of many kinds here in the UK - if you would like me to buy some for you, I can get two the correct size (55 x 85mm) and send them to you in India for £6 (about 450 Rupees).
This is also by Airmail, so the UK Postal service (Royal Mail) say that it should arrive in approximately 7-10 days.
If you are interested then do email me and I would be happy to help!
Thank you osmith !!

I found this on ebay :

and this :

I'll give these a try and if they don't work, seek your help !
Many thanks again :)
no problem - just let me know! :)
Check out this vendor. They sell screen by the yard for front and rear projection. You can check out their tutorial about colors to find out which one would work best for you.
You can get 55"X36" for $18.30 / yard. So obviously 55"x72" screen would be $36.6 plus shipping of about $15+.

Thanks a lot but I guess the screen is usually not the biggest problem..you can always use a wall !
What I'm looking for is the fresnel lens..these are the most hard to get..especially since now nobody uses slide projectors !
Your missing the point. It's a giant lens. It's not just some cloth. The screen is the lens.
osmith34 years ago
this is ingenious!
hi.... can u say wat is that fresnel lens mean... is those available in shops...
hi Fresnel lens very low cost of ebay.in for just Rs.675/- only

porkypinekiwi (author)  jothi.instru5 years ago
yes you can get it in a shop its some times called a credit card sized magnified glass. its just a piece of plastic with lines on it that that makes it a flat magnified glass. ill put a new instructable up soon to make it easier
from where i will get the lcd?
any other types of lcd can be used which are available in indian market in low cost?
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