Step 2: How to begin

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to begin get your box and cut the top off then about halfway down put a piece of cardboard with the fresnel lens in it and firmly tape it down (see pic) cut out another piece of card board the same width as the box and cut a hole in it for your light the cardboard around the hole should be covered in tin foil to reflect the most light. insert it in your box make sure it is in line with the fresnel lens and should be at least 3inches away from it. (update) i just learnt that if you want to make the picture about 3x brighter you need to put a cone + condenser lens/strong magnified glass on the light (see pic)
hi.... can u say wat is that fresnel lens mean... is those available in shops...
hi Fresnel lens very low cost of ebay.in for just Rs.675/- only

zahmed14 years ago
when the screen gets projected onto your wall how many inches can it go? will it go to a size of 100 inches from a distance plz tell me cuz im setting up a home cinima with a limited budget
bcrawford-14 years ago
is their any small electronics that you can take apart for the lcd? like an ipod or portable dvd player?
haguayo735 years ago
how annoying is that you have to login to see large images
-max- haguayo735 years ago
thats why i NEVER log out! *,* U
dbuilder25 years ago
is a condenser lens needed?
 please tell me the distances between light and maginifing glass and lcd
porkypinekiwi (author)  007.sammy1125 years ago
to be honest i dont know and it depends on how big your screen, light and  magnified glass is, first you need to get the light focused on the screen using a condenser lens (a magnified glass) but dont put it so close so you can see the light( i am using leds and if its too close you can see the led pattern on the projected image) just play around with  it.
Ahmedqatar5 years ago
This is amazing .. i agree with DrNerdington about the usage of foil  .. maybe using another type of material to reflect the light is better .. like a mirror or so!
I'm no projector or optics expert, but I don't think the foil is a good idea. Rather than reflecting useful light, it will just add to "spurious reflections" that end up as light pollution that tends to wash out the picture.