Step 5: Attach the lcd

Picture of attach the lcd
i got this lcd from ebay for 28bucks just type in 2.5 inch lcd reverse monitor or something like that it needs to have the composite input (red yellow white plugs) if it only has the yellow one thats fine. so once you get it unscrew it and be very careful because the lcd is easy to break , take the metal case off the lcd and all the plastic filters until you can see through the screen(it will still be bury to see through) then place it infront of the fresnel lens (it should be upside down and backwards) when your picture is the right way on the wall, tape the screen on and you are done! now just put a lid on the box and stick the cables out the side of it
adelmotte2 years ago
how do you connect the lcd to a computer?
I have bought a 2.5 inch lcd, a VGA to RCA converter box but the resolutions aren't compatible (2.5 inch lcd from ebay have resolutions of about 320*240 and VGA to RCA converter from ebay begins at resolution 800 * 600)
mthomas263 years ago
Does it have to be a reverse lcd or does it matter?
from where i will get the lcd?
any other types of lcd can be used which are available in indian market in low cost?
florman4 years ago
Do you have to use a 2.5 inch screen, or can you use a bigger one.
hackerwayne5 years ago
and also... will the resolution be like a real projector? i mean a ordinary one not a HD one.
The resolution will be the exact same resolution of the original LCD screen. Adding lenses and lights does not change the number of pixels on the screen. With that in mind, unless you get a HD screen, the image will be worse than a normal projector. But again, it all depends on the screen you start with.
hackerwayne5 years ago
do you mean i will have to peel off the layer behind the LCD screen? cuz the light wont go through the screen.
hey how good does it shine
do a vid im making one
antonbergjr5 years ago
is this the one u orderd?
if so i  just wanted to know if it was easy or hard to get the backlight off