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you are finnished now
(update) i found a heat sink and installed my 20w led its not that much brighter but i think i can fix that by adjusting the condenser lens on the led and putting a cone shaped thing around it to direct the light here is a picture of the new led. see a video of it in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnRgI-apRtc
(i have drawn up some plans for a future projector project)

vishus4 months ago


i want to try it. but i want something different type of LED bulb ussing for this..


Hey, haha I know like many people have asked how you power the LED and stuff but I dont really get it :/ Like Im pretty clueless how a LED driver and all actually works haha, and how do you actually plug in a old portable dvd player charger to the LED (or whatever you actually do??) Im thinking of just plugging it into a normal wall plug???

So, PLEASEEE enlighten me hahaha thanks a lot a lot this is damn cool and I'm already halfway buying all the materials! just dont get the LED part!! Thanks!! :)
nikx2 years ago
is there an available diagram and components used for this project???? this projector is very useful..
1 Can it work with a olympos cmera LCD?
2 Cool
3 wow
4 is it easy?
In answer two your 4th question, YES!!!
porkypinekiwi (author)  The nerdling5 years ago
 yes that should work but you will only be able to watch whats on the camera. yes cool yes wow and the first time it is  kind a hard but i made my second one in about 1hr but the hardest part is finding the right lens and a bright light that doesnt make too much heat or else it will destroy the lcd
can you elaborate on LCD? , which make ? part no.?
cefurox4 years ago
what is your power source for that light? I have a strong lamp but I don't know how or what I should use to power it. Let me know, thanks
ChiefSlaya4 years ago
Wow, nice job! I'm definitely going to try making this! Is the resolution of the screen good? Do you notice the pixels much?
technoguy945 years ago
Two questions:
1) Is the LCD screen not a typical screen? Usually they're not transparent and the light behind it wouldn't do anything.
2) Did you have any idea what you were actually doing? Some of this seems kind of random.

It would help if you used proper grammar+spelling. It's really hard to read the steps.
dude you need to stop saying stuff what you dont know and stop criticizing peoples spelling its fine.
LCD's are clear (translucent), or you wouldn't be able to see them. Do y ou even know how they basically work? There's a backlight that shines through the back of the LCD and projects light out. Projectors work by basically making t he backlight brighter, and focusing the light into a projected beam. I've seen people take apart monitors and put them on old classroom overhead projectors, pretty creative lol.
porkypinekiwi (author)  technoguy945 years ago
yes i know what i am doing, but i just cant be bothered to re wright the whole thing, im going to make another better projector and that instructables should be a bit better, so with the screen you peel off the light and silver backing and then its clear, just read what it says to do and theres even photos of it.
well done  porkypinekiwi i`m doing one soon.. u can also take a look on this person in this site.. newtonn2 he is also doing diy projector... By the way great instructables!!!! :P
dwsworks5 years ago
The High Power LED should be run on a proper constant Current Driver mostly used in street lights, so you get perfect Luminosity for the HIGH POWER LED....

Second Thing you need to use a ASPHERIC CONDENSOR lens to focus the LED Light into the LCD through Fresnel or else you loose a lots of light...

Thirdly the Fresnel lens focal point should be on the projection lens so that the Light passing through LCD will converge at the center of projection lens.

The focal point of projection lens need to be exactly on the LCD so that it perfectly reproduces the iamge with sharp clarity.,...
taz3000nice5 years ago
im making something like this and a got a smaller heatsynk from a old Power Mac G4 and the led is running 1hour @ 78 degrees Celsius. By the way great instructables!!!! :P
porkypinekiwi (author) 5 years ago
no i did not use an led driver because i didnt feel like spending the xtra $18 i just used an old 12v plug dc 3amps i know that is 2 much but i am running the screen and fan off it as well and it seems to work but the led gets really hot
Actually I don't think its to much those big 20w - 100w led things are 24v.
u were saying that the condenser lens wasnt doing much and i think that if u have somthing elclosing the led straight to the conddenser lens then it would be more bright and i think that u should paint the cardboard black where u have the foil because u want the light to pass thru not reflect like it is but newtonn2 used a sharpie lol
antonbergjr5 years ago
verry nice
i love building these projectors
i seen those fresnels off ebay also but i have a ohp one also so i want to knotice the difference
can u take a pic of ur image on the wall and post it on here?
i am doing the exact same thing u are dong right now
im gong to put mine in a project box tho
porkypinekiwi (author)  antonbergjr5 years ago
yea its pretty cool but i just used a cardboard box because its very easy to change the shape and cut holes in it
another question how did u power that led? u use the driver? or just a positive and negitive?